A Conversation with Mrs. Maynard

Mrs. Maynard is the busy mom of a seven-month-old baby, a weekend wedding photographer, and a teacher of one of TPS’s amazing photography classes.

Me: How did your photography career begin?

Mrs. Maynard: It actually all started with TPS. Basically, my whole interest in photography started with a TPS elective class.

Me: What was the first paid job that you worked?

Mrs. Maynard: Well, I was interested in photography as a hobby. I would go outside in the early mornings and take pictures of my eight siblings. Then I took the class online in high school, and that taught me how to use my camera, technical stuff. Near the end of class I started to think that wedding photography would be fun, but I had no idea how to start. One day, I went to a friend’s wedding as a guest and I took my camera with me. Her photographer ended up needing to go somewhere right as the reception was beginning. They asked me if I wanted to finish taking pictures of them. I said yes, but I had no clue how to actually shoot a wedding. So, that was my first experience as a wedding photographer. After that, I shot about five other weddings that year; the next year I ended up shooting about 20 of them.

(A picture from one of the many weddings she has photographed)

Me: What is it like photographing weddings?

Mrs. Maynard: There’s a lot of joy at weddings. It’s really special to get to be with that person from the very beginning of the wedding to the very end. A photographer ends up doing so much in a wedding. They have to be a voice of reason and calm the bride. I have had weddings where the bride was in one room stressing out, and the mom was stressing out in the next room. I remember running back and forth between the two rooms and reasoning with both of them, trying to calm them down. In the end, you do a lot of stuff that’s not in the job description. It’s a great opportunity to serve people. I have buttoned up dresses, I have cooked people breakfast, I have run errands. You have the opportunity to be there for people on one of the most special days of their lives, just serving them through photography and in many other ways.

Me: What made you want to start teaching photography at TPS?

Mrs. Maynard: The other photography teacher, Caroline Hurdt, and I connected through a photography group on Facebook. She just randomly reached out to me last year to see if I had any interest in teaching. This came in a season of my life when I had been spending a lot of time at home, and I accepted the position. I have really enjoyed teaching the class! My students and I normally look at photos that we all have taken and give some feedback. I have enjoyed seeing their work because they even inspire me in my own photography. I love to see them be creative each week.

Me: Have you ever had a crazy photography experience?

Mrs. Maynard: I have never traveled out of the country, but I have traveled all across America. Three of the weddings I have traveled to photograph have actually been for TPSers from one of my online classes during their high school years. I had a wedding in Vermont in the summer, on the very top of the mountain at a ski resort. The only way up there was through the ski gondola, so every guest had to ride it all the way at the peak of the mountain. It was beautiful! I did have to hike all over that mountain in my skirt, my sweater, and my camera bag, so I got some really weird looks from mountain bikers.


My conversation with Mrs. Maynard was so much fun! I hope she has an amazing year capturing special moments at weddings, while creating some of her own with her husband and daughter.


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