A Christmas to Remember

Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight / We’ll wake up to a world of white / It’s gonna be a Christmas to remember…” (Amy Grant, “A Christmas to Remember”)

Those who wake up to a world of white on Christmas morning are the lucky ones. And for those who wake up to a temperature of ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit…well, a little extra Christmas spirit can’t hurt. This month, I gathered a collection of Christmas stories, memories, and traditions—everything from decorating fiascos and pranks to more meaningful tales—as a (hopefully) adequate replacement for snow. Enjoy!

“When I was growing up, it was my older brother’s job during the holidays to decorate the bushes lining the front of our house with lights. One year, he wasn’t so interested in playing his role in these festivities, so he kept putting it off. Finally, after much prodding from our mom, he trudged out into the snow with a ladder and four strings of large bulbs. At some point, he was inspired to throw off all conventional Christmas light guidelines and simply outline the bushes—creating a row of variously colored squares and triangles. He thought it was very funny (as did many who drove down our busy street). Needless to say, he was reassigned to other tasks in future years.”

-Stephanie Snyder


“One time, I split my nose because it snowed on Christmas Day. My sisters and I were so excited we ran into our parents’ room to tell them; I tripped on the rug and bonked my face on the bed’s wooden frame.”

-Emily Burnham


“One of my favorite family Christmas traditions is the naming of our Christmas trees by my sisters and I after we cut them down at the tree farm. Over the years, we have had Jingle Bells, Noel, Holly, Deck-the-Halls, Merrily, and Tinsel, among others. My favorite was Coniferousia Cone, from the Christmas when I was eight. The name was inspired by my recent science lessons about coniferous and deciduous trees. Of course, the “ia” was absolutely necessary.”

-Abigail Snyder


Coniferousia Cone (at the tree farm)


“Every year (for about the past ten years) we go to Kranex (a big holiday store), pick out new ornaments, and write the date on them. When we come home and set up the tree, we look over all the Christmas ornaments from the past years, see the date, and remember that stage of life and why we picked that ornament. Some of them are broken, and that makes us remember who broke it and how old we were. I always picked out super-girly ones. One was an I Love Lucy ornament because, at the time, I was obsessed with watching that show. The year we were about to adopt my baby brother, I got a marshmallow pushing a baby in a stroller, and my siblings all got baby-related ones as well.”

-Macie Richardson


“One Christmas, when I was three or four years old, my parents bought a book-sized game in a box for my fourteen-year-old cousin Joe. They had the idea to “disguise” the present, so my dad dug out a mountain of wrapping paper, tin foil, and bubble wrap. They ended up fashioning something the size and shape of a rocking horse. That year, my dad’s entire family got together for Christmas. Joe regarded his present warily and then began unwrapping… and unwrapping… and UNWRAPPING! By the time he unearthed the game, everyone was laughing and Joe stood ankle-deep in wrapping paper carnage. His was definitely a hard-won gift.”

-Abigail Snyder


“When I was six, we lived in China. That Christmas, we visited a leper colony with a group of people from our church. It took us an hour to reach the little bay where we boarded a ferry to the island the lepers lived on. My sisters and I had only heard of leprosy from the Bible, so we had no idea what to expect. Our fear melted, however, when we saw the 30 elderly lepers eagerly waiting for us on the shore. We passed out all of the gift-wrapped boxes we had put together, sang Christmas carols, and had fun. We even received some hugs. It was hard to say goodbye.”

-Madeline Snyder


“My favorite Christmas memory is from last year. My three older sisters were in the U.S. and it was our first Christmas apart. We met together as a family on Christmas morning by Skype and opened presents together. It was nice, even though it wasn’t the same.”

-Joy Brewer


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  2. I love this!! This was amazing!! As for “Those who wake up to a world of white on Christmas morning are the lucky ones. And for those who wake up to a temperature of ninety-eight degrees Fahrenheit…well, a little extra Christmas spirit can’t hurt.” this made me laugh so hard because I am one of those who wake up to a ninety-eight degree Christmas😂

  3. Lovely article, Abigail! Christmas stories are wonderful. 🙂

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  5. I love this article! Christmas stories are amazing and I never get tired of them!!!

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