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Open Mic: Counsel by Ariana Delaney

Why do you fear the stars?

Is it the illumination?

The spotlight they shine on you in the darkest times,

The times you wish the most that you were alone?


Do you not see that they weep for you?

Their eyes so full of tears,

Their hearts so full of compassion.


They know your pain,

They know your story,

For it was they who have kept vigil over you.


When you retreated into the night,

Returned to your solitude,

They guided you

Through the terrors that lay in the darkness,

Even though you shrank away from their light.


Little one, do not cower.

Do not hide.


In those most crucial times,

The moments of fear and shame

Shrouded in the cloak of the night,

You are known.


You are heard.

You are held.

You are loved.


The very same stars which you fear

Are the very same arms which cradle you when you cry.


Solitude and darkness are mere figments that

You created as canvases

Upon which to pour out your soul.


Unbeknownst to you, however,

Are those few willing to listen

To your hopes and dreams and regrets.

Those few which exist despite the darkness.

Those few which truly care.


Those few which you knowingly shun.


Dear child, embrace the stars.


Seek them out.

They are always there, waiting,

Even if your eyes say otherwise.


They love you more than I,

And they know you far better,

For they have always been beside you,

Even from when you were but a thought.


You fear the twisted things that lurk in the shadows of the night

Though you yearn to live freely

Under the shadow of the stars.

Do not stray from their light.

They will not forsake you.


I leave you with no other advice

Before I depart from this wretched world.

Do not leave it yourself before having made peace.














You shall stray.

It is inevitable.

Just return.

Return and lay down your pride.

They shall be waiting.

Their light does not shine warmer

Than when you return from the cold hands of death.



Meet the Author

How old are you?
I’m 15 years old.

Where do you live?
I live in the Bahamas.

What classes are you taking with TPS?
This year I’m taking PreCalculus (Honors), Physics, Spanish 4 Language and Culture, English 5: Western Literature, Theology Matters, World History and Cultures, College and Career Planning (Fall Semester), and AP Spanish Language and Culture with TPS.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is the freedom I have in expressing myself. More often then not, I stumble over my words when I speak, effectively making myself unintelligible. That’s the worst when I have a cool idea in mind, and I often end up frustrated with my inability to properly communicate my thoughts. When I write, however, my words flow out of me, unrestricted, like a tap left running. I can write down my ideas on paper, and I can go even further. I can elaborate, develop them, fashion my thoughts into a magnificent work, whether a poem, short story or whatever, without hesitation. I have found that those inaudible words have the sweetest sounds.


  1. I met Ariana at the poetry recital and it’s great to know more about her! I feel the same way about writing and about the stars. Thanks so much, Mari!