A Thanksgiving Note

Thanksgiving is here, which means it’s time for food, family, a much needed break from school, and pumpkin spice-flavored everything. Most importantly, though, it is a time to reflect on the blessings God has granted us and give thanks for the great things in our lives. For clay, one of those things is the incredible community we share, which allows all of us to make new friends, learn from one another, and share our ideas with TPS through writing, editing, and public relations efforts. Thus, in this time of gratitude, we asked our staff members to shoutout their fellow columnists for all that they do.

To Jenna’s Arts & Culture Columnists:
Wow, already several months have gone by, and already I’m seeing improvements in all your articles. I’m so proud of y’all! Keep up the good work!
Here’s a few notes I have to make:
Sashira — Goodness, girl, I don’t know how you do it, but you always find a way to make your articles more interesting. Thank you for maintaining such a positive attitude to everything!
Bronwyn — Thanks to you, I’ve got a great number of projects to do over the breaks haha. Thank you for adding a little creativity into our lives with the designs you make. You rock girl!
Peter — My, my, my Peter. You have certainly given me a good lot of movies I need to see haha. Thank you so much for your patience and your willingness to do your best!
Samuel — There is a saying that I have that editors oftentimes learn more from columnists. Thank you for helping me improve my photography skills!
Julia — Well, I can’t quite say I’ve gained a few pounds yet, but I think I’m close to it… Thank you Julia for being so cooperative! And for giving me excuses to make more desserts hehe
-Jenna Koo, Arts & Culture Editor

To Anina McKnight, PR Photographer:
As she is the only photographer for clay, I am amazed at how she handles the responsibilities of being the photographer. Her pictures constantly amaze me and I am so thankful that I got to work with her!
-Hannah Houser, PR Content Creator

To Julia Holmgren, Cooking Columnist:
We were paired together for our Meet the Staff articles and she was so supportive and helpful. She answered all of my questions, even when they were way after we had originally met and interviewed each other, and even after we had written and posted our articles she reached out to me to see how my first few weeks of school had been going.
-Emma Grob, Poetry Columnist

To Emmeline Arehart, Serial Story Columnist:
I hugely appreciate her incredible planning! Her story is really well thought out and always makes me contemplate a little too. She’s been a joy to work with and an amazing inspiration.
-Rachel Shey, Arts & Culture Editor

To Brooke Eckhardt, Teacher Spotlight Columnist:
Brooke, I loved getting to know you through writing your meet the staff article! I love reading all of your writing! You are such a talented columnist!
-Ainsley Lemon, Class Spotlight Columnist

To Hannah Wong, Bible Spotlight Columnist:
I still can’t believe that we live in the same neighborhood, go to the same youth group, did Bible Bee together, AND write on clay together. (besides the fact that we’re in the same section!) I really enjoy reading your writing. Keep up the great work!
-Andrew Berry, Christian Novella Columnist

To the Public Relations Team:
Thank you for making my first experience on clay so fun and enjoyable! You guys are always so encouraging, accommodating, and I’ve never been on such an amazing team. Y’all are awesome!
-Isabel Yang, PR Content Creator

To Leanne Zuiderveen, Senior Editor:
I had the honor of meeting her this past summer and she has become a close friend. She puts so much effort into her work for clay and I am so proud of her. I’m so thankful to have such a kind, loving person like Leanne in my life.
-Emily Green, Art Columnist

To the Humor Section:
Thanks so much for keeping up with writing articles and designing cartoons while doing schoolwork. It’s really been amazing for me to be able to read all of your drafts and enjoy your humor. Keep up the good work!
-Christine Lyford, Humor Editor

To Aaron Shapiro, Humor Columnist:
I had a blast getting to know you a bit for the Meet the Staff articles. Your writing is absolutely hilarious! Keep it up man!
-Andrew Berry, Christian Novella Columnist

To Hannah Houser, PR Content Creator:
She’s the sweetest girl! She has amazing posts and goes above and beyond when it comes to reaching out! Anyone is lucky to get to work alongside her!
-Sarah Sears, PR Engagement Manager

To Cassie Disharoon, Senior Editor:
Thank you for answering all my three-billion-and-one questions about pretty much everything related to clay without once getting annoyed.
-Abigail Snyder, Story Spotlight Columnist

To Bronwyn Dix, Fashion Columnist:
I am thankful for Bronwyn Dix who leaves a comment of encouragement at the end of my articles.
-Sashira Camacho, Dance Columnist

To Sarah Sears, PR Engagement Manager:
She is so helpful whenever any of her fellow co-workers need help posting something. She is so encouraging and has such a sweet and grateful heart! She always jumps to help anyone when they need help. I am so blessed to work with her!
-Hannah Houser, PR Content Creator

To the Arts & Culture Section:
I’d like to say thank you to the whole Arts & Culture section for being such a warm, friendly, and encouraging group of people.
-Emmeline Arehart, Serial Story Columnist

To the Public Relations Team:
Thanks to my whole team for being so supportive and fun to work with! All of you do an amazing job and I am so glad to know you!
-Elisabeth Triplett, Graphic Designer

To the News Section:
I have enjoyed reading everyone single one of your articles ranging from science news to international news. You all put so much effort into your articles, and I appreciate all the work you guys put into the column. Have a great Thanksgiving!
-Sarai Morato, News Editor

To the entire clay staff:
I’d like to express my thanks to all the talented writers here on clay who choose to use their talent to glorify God and bless others in the process.

And I want to give one final thank you to Cassie and Leanne. Thank you for everything that you do, from managing all of us columnists to coming up with fun ideas such as this. I love how the TPS community can come together from all around the world through clay, and your organization and dedication to managing clay makes this fellowship possible.
-Alessandra Gugliotti, Book Columnist

To clay’s readers:
Thank you for sticking it out and reading to the end of this article. We know, it was a long one! But we hope you have been encouraged to reflect upon the wonderful rich blessing God has lavished upon us! Without our dear readers, the dedication and countless hours editors and columnists spent perfecting their articles would be fruitless. Your encouragement inspires our columnists to strive to write to the best of their abilities and makes clay into the e-zine it is! We’ve been so blessed to have a team of inspiring, creative individuals! Thanks for joining us!
-Leanne Zuiderveen & Cassie Disharoon, Senior Editors

We would love for you to carry on the challenge! Write a gratefulness shoutout to someone who has impacted and blessed you in the comments below!


  1. Shoutout to Cassie Disharoon! For all the laughs and making sure I stay on track! 😉

    • And shoutout to Leanne, for always being there to lean on and for dealing with my constant sarcasm 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Rachel! You’re so sweet. It has been such a pleasure to work with you, as well! 🙂

  3. Shoutout to Leanne for being a great Senior Editor and for making Mrs. Yagel proud. 🙂
    Also shoutout to Andrew for writing well and excelling at NBB.