Honors Life Science: A Journey into Creation


Do you love science? Do you enjoy exploring God’s creation and learning about all the living things He created? Do you have fun completing experiments and testing hypotheses? If so, then TPS’s Honors Life Science could be a great fit for you.

Honors Life Science is for students entering 7th grade and above. This rigorous class explores thirteen units, including the characteristics of life, DNA structure and function, cell reproduction, human anatomy, and earth science. While researching this class, I reached out to the teacher, Mrs. Selby with some questions. Her answers provided helpful insight on the course.

Me: How long have you taught at TPS?

Mrs. Selby: 11 years

Me: How long does an average week of homework for this class take?

Mrs. Selby: Probably around 3-4 hours

Me: What is your favorite part of the class to teach?

Mrs. Selby: I’m an animal nut, so I love introducing new species and their ecosystems to students.

Me: What is your background in Science?

Mrs. Selby: I have a B.S. in Botany from Oregon State University.  Before I started homeschooling my children I worked as a plant pathologist.

Me: How did you start teaching at TPS?

Mrs. Selby: Both of my daughters took courses at TPS.  One of their teachers recommended me when TPS needed an additional chemistry instructor. So, when my youngest left for college I started teaching a couple of chemistry sections.

Me: Do you have any advice to a student wondering if this course is a good fit for him/her?

Mrs. Selby: I think Honors Life Science is great for students that are interested in science, animals, or life and the way it works.  The course is challenging, but we have a lot of fun!


Throughout this course, students will learn about life through completing the weekly chapter readings and worksheets. At the end of every chapter, students take a quiz reviewing the information covered in their reading. The quizzes are divided into multiple-choice and short answer sections. Sprinkled among the chapters are labs where students will explore certain topics in depth by completing enjoyable, hands-on experiments. Using these experiments, students will learn how to write a formal lab report.

Honors Life Science is a fascinating opportunity for students to explore how life works. Learning about everything from animal life to human anatomy, this thrilling class will take the science-lover on an adventure of a lifetime. Consider this exciting course as you commence your journey into the world of science!


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  1. MRS. SELBY!!!!

  2. whooo mrs selby!!!!

  3. YES! Honors Life Science was a great class! I took it last year! Also, MRS SELBY ROCKS!

  4. I’m doing life science honors this year and it has been awesome so far! I have learned a lot and Mrs. Selby is REALLY great!