Caleb Lee: Music Enthusiast

Caleb Lee sits awkwardly at the Thanksgiving table. A steaming turkey lays in front of him, surrounded with glistening cranberry sauce and aromatic stuffing. Although his eyes rest upon the food, Caleb’s mind wanders. He is thinking of a scheme to go to his room.

Shifting in his chair uncomfortably, Caleb ponders this conundrum. Finally, he hits upon the answer! He gets up slowly, clutching his stomach in fake anguish. Mumbling an excuse about “a stomachache”, he stumbles towards his room.

Once in his room, Caleb leans back into his chair and looks upon his massive wall of musical items. Reaching forward, he grabs his guitar. In the hole that the guitar had fitted into, Caleb sees a flash of movement. In an instant, the mountain of records topples over, revealing a reporter standing behind them. Before Caleb can react, the reporter throws a list of questions at his feet. “Answer all of these questions, and leave them on your doorstep. I will retrieve them under the cover of night.” With that, he vanishes into the wall.

After spending several hours reorganizing his musical paraphernalia, Caleb sits down to answer the questionnaire. He scans the first question. List your name (and any nicknames)! Where do your nicknames originate from? Caleb thinks about the subject that his family is now talking about on the dinner table. “Okay. My name is Caleb Lee. Some nicknames I have are ‘CL’ (from a bio class with three Calebs), ‘CJ’ (from a math class with two Calebs), and ‘Calebee’ (from some people I know).

How many years you have been with TPS? What grade are you in? How old are you? “I’ve been with TPS for three years. I am in tenth grade and currently fifteen years old; I turn sixteen this year.” What is something unexpected about you? “I don’t look very Korean.”

Any hobbies? Caleb answered this question with ease, viewing his musical paraphernalia mountain stacked in front of him. “Three of my hobbies are: Hanging out with friends, singing and playing the guitar.”

What is your favorite quote and Bible verse?  “I don’t have an absolute favorite Bible verse or quote. One good Bible verse, although it can be a hard message to swallow, is Luke 9:23, a good reminder of how I must deny myself daily.”

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?  Looking out the window, Caleb catches a glimpse of an owl diving down and biting into a mouse. “If I could be an animal, I would an apex predator. It would be nice to be at the top without having to worry about predators trying to kill me.”

What is something you would like to do one day and why? Pondering this question, Caleb decides to forgo answering it.

If you had the opportunity, would you want to live underwater? “It depends. If I had superpowers to live underwater sure! but if I was stuck in a cramped boring little sub then I don’t think I would want to.”

What is your favorite word and why? “Huh… favorite word? Can I choose a favorite emoji? Because the two emojis that I use the most are xD and :P.”

Are you introverted or extroverted? “Honestly, I’m pretty shy when I’m in a new environment, but I enjoy having fun with my friends”

If you could be a color, what color would you be and why? Before answering, Caleb thinks about what strange questions this interview document contains. “If I were a color, I would be a dark color. Maybe dark blue because blue is used a lot if you are dark then stains are less obvious. To be honest, I don’t know.”

Do you prefer dogs or cats? “Dogs or cats? I have never owned either a dog or a cat so I don’t know.”

What is your favorite school subject? “I enjoy learning facts and in general, school is actually okay.  But homework and tests? Ugh. Good teachers help make classes more enjoyable.”

Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction? “Both are okay, but I enjoy fiction more because it presents a whole new world (at least partially) and fiction books contain more excitement than nonfiction books because well… you don’t have Percy Jackson or Michael Vey in real life, but you do in fiction.”

What’s your passion? Why do you enjoy it? “I enjoy music because I can express myself through music. Singing is something that I think I am okay at…”

Do you have a catchphrase?  How did this phrase come develop? Deciding that this question is too hard, Caleb chooses not to answer it. He places the questionnaire on the doorstep and dashes out to eat a snack before bed.

While settling into his bed, Caleb pondered the reporter’s instructions. Answer ALL of these questions. He wonders if something bad will happen because he left the questionnaire unfinished. Pushing the thought aside, he falls asleep. The next morning, he wakes up, only to discover it is still Thanksgiving Day. The previous day’s events repeat in the same way; the next morning is Thanksgiving again! After the 200th cycle, a horrifying realization dawns upon Caleb. He has become trapped in a time loop because he did not answer 2 of the questions!




  1. oof what a way to go out XD

  2. lol yeah. the Michael vey series if awesome

  3. Dogs are better! great job!

  4. NOR TRUEEEEEEEE!!!! @ Emmeline, DOGS RULE!