Meet the Staff

Meet The Staff: Michael Sugimoto!

Jake: Greetings, fellow TPSers! Once again, we have reached the beginning of the school year, and as is a tradition for clay, I will be introducing you to one of my fellow staffers. So, without further ado, let me introduce to you, Michael Sugimoto!

Michael: Hey!

Jake: Ok, let’s start with some easy questions. First off, how old are you, and what grade will you be in this year?

Michael: I’m 16 years old, and I’m going to be a junior this year.

Jake: Ok, cool. So, how many years have you worked with clay, and what position will you be taking?

Michael: This is actually my first year with clay. I’m going to be the PR team photographer.

Jake: Nice! So, you enjoy photography?

Michael: Yep. It’s one of my hobbies.

Jake: What are some other things you enjoy doing?

Michael: Well, I enjoy traveling and music. I also like doing SoulCycle, surfing, and hanging out with friends.

Jake: Sounds like fun! If you don’t mind, I’m going to get a little more personal.

Michael: Go for it.

Jake: Ok. How would you describe yourself?

Michael: Introverted, individualistic, ambitious, and enthusiastic. Oh, and I’d add that I’m a creative thinker.

Jake: Ok, cool. I’ll give you an easy one next. Favorite color?

Michael: Blue.

Jake: And favorite food?

Michael: Açaí bowls.

Jake: Nice. So, do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish?

Michael: Well, I want to write a novel sometime in the next year, and I’d like to start a blog.

Jake: You have any plans for after high school?

Michael: I’m planning on majoring in marketing and communications in college.

Jake: Do you play any sports?

Michael: I’m a Junior Olympic Swimmer.

Jake: Ah, that explains the pic you gave me. Cool! Do you like music?

Michael: I love music. Acoustic covers are my favorite.

Jake: Alright. Here’s a fun one. Finish this sentence: “On Friday nights, you can usually find me…”

Michael: …at the beach surfing, at a photo shoot, writing at a coffee shop, or watching Netflix.

Jake: What would your motto be?

Michael: I like the saying, “Remember why you started.”

Jake: Awesome! Last question: What are some causes or movements you care about?

Michael: I care a lot about the Pro-Life movement. I’m also really passionate about saving the environment.

Jake: Sweet! Alright, that wraps up my interview. Thanks for lending me your questions by the way.

Michael: Sure thing.

Jake: Thanks for hanging out with me. Ladies and Gentlemen of TPS, please give a warm welcome to Michael Sugimoto!

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