Ian and his family
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Meet the Staff: Ian Lee

Ian is on the left with his mother on the right.

Happiness — the word Ian Lee uses to describe himself, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who exemplifies this trait more than he does. An average day in Ian’s life contains numerous opportunities to enjoy life through his relationship with God and his family and his violin.

Ian moved to Alaska in the past week. Despite the transition, he happily looks forward to the wonders of the new state. Ian is an old hand when it comes to moving. After growing up in Boston, he moved to Myanmar for a year and a half before living a couple years in California, another year in Boston, a year in Georgia, and a summer in California again. Despite all the transitions and places Ian has lived in, he continues to be content with unfamiliar places and to look at the positive aspects of life.

Ian’s contentedness has shone through his life from a young age. In Boston, his father was driving him to a preschool on his way to work. Ian was so inconspicuous that his father completely forgot he was in the car at all, and proceeded on his way to work. Halfway to work, his father finally looked in the backseat, and lo-and-behold, Ian sat there contently.

Ian has a bold side which comes out most with his football fandom. Ian has the dubious distinction of being a Patriots fan. The first Super Bowl he remembers was Super Bowl XLIX, the Patriots versus the Seahawks. Later when the Patriots defeated the Seahawks, he wrote in his journal, “The Patriots won! Yippee! I’m so happy now!” Another area where Ian’s joy shines through is in his comic strips. He’s been a cartoonist ever since seventh grade, refining his style to the point he decided to be a cartoonist for clay. You can find his work in the humor section, which I highly suggest checking out.

Ian’s happiness, contentedness, and boldness make him very personable and likable. Partnering up with Ian to write this article was an enjoyable experience and I wish him the best of luck for this year.


  1. Although the Seahawks aren’t doing that great anymore, I still root for them ’cause I’m a loyal Seattlite.

  2. lol this is awesome, can’t wait to read your articles Ian!

  3. Looking forward to those comics Ian…

  4. Glad to see there are fellow Patriots fans out there. Go Pats!