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Meet the Staff: Aaron Shey

This year, clay is honored to have a comedic genius as a humor columnist. Aaron Shey, a 15-year-old California boy, is determined to bless clay with his hot, humorous takes. Although Aaron is, as mentioned before, a Cali boy, he is not your stereotypical golden-haired surfer. Aaron, just like his favorite cartoon gif, Shrek, has many, many layers.

Aaron is the middle child of three siblings, both of whom are also clay writers and editors. Aaron has admitted that, “As a middle child, I often have to serve as a mediator between my other siblings. What better way to mediate than to crack millions of barely funny jokes and top it off with some absurdist comment usually involving “apocalyptic wasteland” and a weird story and it’s all good?” With Aaron’s humor-laced diplomacy, we should expect him to negotiate peace, not just between siblings, but also on the world’s stage in the Middle East!

Besides humor, Aaron enjoys the simple things in life, such as biking, watching movies, playing the piano, and of course, road polo. For people who live under a rock, like yours truly, road polo is, as described by Aaron, “Basically badminton except on bikes. It’s pretty fun, as long as you are good at biking with one hand holding a racket, have good night vision, can avoid sidewalks, other people, bumps, cracks, cars, and a variety of other obstacles all while trying to hit a small white birdie that follows the whim of the wind. Road polo is kind of like gambling: you always think you can beat the system, but you never can. Until you do! You spend hours chasing the birdie to achieve a success rate of less than 1%.” See, I told y’all that our beloved Aaron is a complicated man.
To further add to his resume, Aaron loves music. He is learning the piano and hopes to be able to play some of his favorite artists, such as Carly Rae Jepsen and American Authors, on the piano. According to Spotify, Aaron partakes in “indie poptimism.”
Furthermore, Aaron is a highly motivated student. He loves biology, as it helps reveal God’s glory. However, it must be mentioned that Aaron has required a moment of silence for the “poor frogs who were sacrificed for the betterment of untold numbers of disgusted middle and high schoolers.” Down the line, Aaron hopes to use his natural talent and love of programming and science to go to college to study computer programming or medicine. Look for Aaron’s humor column in each edition of clay, and also watch out for him barreling down your cul-de-sac on a bike while wielding a racket!

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