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Meet Sarai Morato: News Editor

Have you ever met a 16-year-old girl who is a band member, an avid scientist, and a passionate debater? If you have not, today is your lucky day. Introducing clay’s 2019-2020 News Editor, Sarai Morato! The oldest of three, this ambitious rising senior lives in Burke, Virginia, where she pursues many diverse and intriguing hobbies. The first of her many interests is music, specifically playing the piano in a band. Not only does she love surrounding herself with music, but she also thrives when surrounded by scientific activities. With a natural inclination toward scientific studies, she is a chemistry teacher assistant and has completed two internships with George Mason and the National Building Museum. With a team of fellow scientists, she even crafted a device that can detect microplastics! It is no wonder that Sarai aspires to be a STEM major, specializing in biomedical engineering. Also, Sarai seeks to use her natural gifts for a good cause, which she manifests in her passion for environmentalism. She says that she cares for the environment because she “wants to give back to nature, as cliche as it may sound.” Cliche or not, it is a noble passion.

Additionally, Sarai states that “she loves to argue,” and as a result, incredibly enjoys participating in her speech and debate team. She is involved in Lincoln-Douglas debate, which has helped connect her with deep, heavily emotional moral issues. Sarai’s Myers-Briggs personality type is ISTJ-T, the logistician, which definitely explains her skills in science and debate. In matters of spirituality, Sarai looks up to her parents for guidance, and in areas concerning her career path, she looks up to her chemistry teacher, Mr. P. If she could meet one person dead or alive, she would meet Thomas Edison because he was a remarkable inventor and person. When asked what her favorite sport was, Sarai promptly replied: “fencing, because it is a great way to de-stress.” And lastly, when posed with the highly controversial question of the century–donuts or bagels?–she replied “bagels.” Sarai commented that donuts are “too sweet and sugary.” Sorry, donut lovers.

Regardless of her dietary inclinations, it is no doubt that Sarai Morato will be a joy to have on this year’s editorial team! Welcome to the staff, Sarai!


  1. Congratulations on the position! You are going to do a great job at it.