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Meet Sarah Estes: General News Columnist

It all started in Jackson, Florida when a baby girl was born: Sarah Estes. Her parents gave her that name, which was coincidentally one of the most popular girl names that year, because it was the only name they could agree upon. But what sets Sarah Estes apart from others born in 2002 is her readiness to take on challenges.

As a second year student at TPS, she will begin Russian II with Mrs. Pledger the coming school year as a senior. This year, she decided to join clay and hopes to blend her skill of factual evaluation with formal writing. Instead of focusing on only political news like in previous years, she hopes to expand her horizons and knowledge as clay‘s General News writer. Her ability to use logic and assess both sides stems from her interests, activities, and hobbies such as over 100 hours of political volunteering, two years of playing guitar at her church, and a year of Lincoln-Douglas debate. She loves to listen to music, especially NF and PVRIS, watch women’s soccer, eat fried rice, and make memes. She is a professional goofball when hanging out with her best friend (another Sarah) and her younger brother Kyle. Someone who inspires Sarah is Kelley O’Hara, a committed U.S. soccer player and an encouragement to her team.

Sarah’s future is also filled with adventure. She is considering a career as a diplomat and plans to visit the West Coast someday. If she could do anything in the world and would not fail at it, she would be the best Common App essay writer on the planet. 

Sarah’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 7:1-2 which says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” With this Bible verse imprinted on her heart, Sarah is prepared to make this world a better place.


  1. I can not wait to read your articles Sarah!