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Meet Samuel Kleis: Photography Columnist

Meet Samuel Kleis, clay’s 2019-2020 Photography columnist!  Sam is a sixteen-year-old junior entering his fourth year of TPS but his first year of full-time online school.  His great passion in life is storytelling.  To quote, he enjoys “virtually any form of storytelling medium.”  He dreams of changing the life of at least one person through his stories.  In order to create these characters, he has a specific “creation philosophy” which he uses to create believable characters that can function to make the plot compelling and to communicate a theme.  His favorite quote, from the book A Monster Calls, is from The Monster: “There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between.”

Initially, the Harry Potter and Inheritance series inspired Sam to write fantasy.  He aspired to craft “the next big fantasy story à la Christopher Paolini,” the author of the Inheritance series.  Now, he draws inspiration from personal observations and experiences, only occasionally drawing inspiration from other books, where he studies what elements did not work and what did, before applying this knowledge to his own writing.

When Samuel, who lives in Italy, isn’t busy writing fantasy stories, he likes to watch musicals and movies, play video games, read books, and listen to music.  He enjoys watching and reading any type of fiction, whether it be historical, sci-fi, fantasy, or dystopian.  As for his personality, he is an INFJ-T according to the Myers-Brigg Personality Test.  His introversion does not stop him from being “energetic and borderline insane around other people”.

Samuel was motivated to write a photography column for clay so that he could teach people how to take and edit better pictures, in this age of social media where pictures are posted all over the internet.  He also thought that clay could be a good extra-curricular where he could improve his writing skills and establish a habit to write regularly.

Displaying a unique side of his personality, Samuel says that if he could be a bagel or a doughnut, he would choose to be the doughnut.  This is because he prefers to eat donuts.  When asked what animal he would be, he answered that he would be a guinea pig, so he could live a happy and tranquil life.  Even if he was given the opportunity to live underwater, Samuel would not, because he likes to see the sky.  Sam’s favorite set of words is “What if…?”  Finally, when he grows up, he would like to become an editor for a living until he is able to begin his creative career.

I hope that this helps you to get to know Samuel Kleis, our Photography Columnist, a bit more!

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