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Meet Rachel Shey: Arts and Culture Editor

She picks up a book from her car’s glove compartment. The book is a strange thing. It has a hard brown cover. Ancient and worn with frayed edges and coffee stained pages filled with written words, expressive and full.

She steps out of her car and walks to the doors of Emma Stone’s house in California.

Meet Rachel Shey, the New York Times inspired writer! While she does not yet meet celebrities for interviews on a daily basis, she does aspire to work for the distinguished newspaper. Thus came the origin of her desire to be an Arts and Culture editor for clay.

Although she enjoys writing, her favorite class was Pre-AP Chemistry with Mrs. Selby. Of course, she also enjoyed her Summer Creative Writing class with Mrs. Gaines. Through Summer Creative Writing, she “learned a lot about what I like and don’t like in creative writing, and I’m still trying to perfect that sporadically on the side.”

She also enjoys gardening and taking care of her plants. “It is so amazing to me that from such small seeds can come such large plants,” she admits. “Gardening is easy and a nearly year-round activity.” As of today, she continues to build a planted fish tank. In addition to her love and joy for gardening, this multi-talented girl enjoys drawing during her free time. “Currently I am conducting a project I call Face a Day 2019 in which I draw one face every day,” she explains to me. Some of her artwork is even featured on clay.

I inquired what her favorite Bible verse is. She answered that it’s Mathew 6:28, which states, “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin.” This verse appeals to her because it reminds her not to worry too much about life. Especially with the difficulty of school and the stress of life, this verse greatly comforts her.

When asked about her favorite book, Rachel responded that there are “too many to count!” She settled on To Kill a Mockingbird, The Good Earth, The Best and the Brightest, and Exhalation, a short story anthology. As for her favorite movie, she greatly enjoyed Schindler’s List, a movie she recently watched. Despite its gloom, she did find it rather interesting. Though she also couldn’t settle for a favorite author, she does desire to read more books written by Stephen King.

After asking her the more practical questions, I decided to ask a few random ones. I asked whether she enjoyed Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings more, and she declared Harry Potter is superior to Lord of the Rings. And despite the lovely taste of fish-eyes, she would rather eat chicken feet, declaring them “more savory.”

Now what would she do if she was greeted by Newt Scamander who gave her a Bowtruckle and a Niffler? “I would ask why he gave me a Bowtruckle and a Niffler and probably try to look for something to give him in return. Or maybe I’ll try to give him back the Bowtruckle and Niffler because while I am pretty good with keeping ordinary animals, I don’t think I would be able to handle magical ones.” A worthy answer from our Arts and Culture editor.

I also asked her what she would do if she found herself stranded on an island with nothing but millions of durian plants and water. With the wisdom of a sage, she answered she would use the durian plants to build a raft to use to escape the island.

Well, there you have it—our writing and gardening loving, wise Arts and Culture Editor. Welcome to the editor staff, Rachel!

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  1. I am looking forward to having you as my editor this year, Rachel!