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Meet Peter Ray: Film Columnist

When I first made contact with Peter Ray (on the left), I had so many questions for him. Was he vertically challenged (like me)? Why did his email address say he was British? And, above all, what kind of personality does he have? I could’ve asked him any of these things. But no, the first thing I asked him was, “What time is it?”

He answered that it was 5:40 AM in Kurdistan, which prompted another round of questions. Why was he awake at that hour? Did he just wake up, or did he stay up all night? Why was he in Kurdistan? But more than that, his answer gave a first glimpse into his world, a world where the Internet provided his only method of communication, and where the time zone difference forced him to stay awake at odd hours of the night to communicate with his friends. Or maybe he just couldn’t sleep. Whatever it was, our conversation turned to other matters, but this first impression of Peter Ray still lingered in my mind.

Peter is 16 years old and in the 11th grade. He has spent the past 11 years in Kurdistan, where his father works with an organization that builds houses for refugees. He has two younger brothers who fight constantly, he likes Christian rap music, and his favorite books are the Bible, Failure Is Not an Option, and The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors. He has also been learning Javascript for the past 4 years. He does not play any musical instruments, and would like to pick one up, but doesn’t have the motivation.

One of the words he uses to describe himself is “eccentric.” He is an extreme Anglophile, history buff, science geek, Elon Musk fanboy, and leader-because-no-one-else-wants-to. He likes the idea of a Renaissance man, a well-rounded person who can study any subject if he wants; at the same time, he is a staunch proponent of specialization, and has already chosen a specific field for himself: computer science applied to aerospace engineering. And despite the email address, Peter is actually American. But despite the fact that he’s American, he has a slight British accent due to his British speech therapist. As he puts it, he “likes being confusing.”

Peter is also very efficient. He maintains a web of relationships with his friends through Whatsapp, Hangouts, and Discord. He runs a Youtube channel simply because no one else wants to run that channel. And he is obsessed with doing productive things every day.

All of these character traits that Peter hashis eccentricity, efficiency, and, well, weirdnesspoint to one underlying trait that Peter is proud of: his originality. I mean, come on, what other American’s email address says they’re British? Peter is appalled by the fact that there are other Peter Rays running around, and he strives to be different, to be above the rest. I can’t wait to see what Peter will do with clay this year!


  1. lol this is awesome. Can’t wait to read your articles this year, Peter!

    • Thanks! Be sure to check out my article on Ian Lee! He’s a great guy and I’m looking forward to his humor column. He’s given me some sneak peaks at some the cartoons he will be posting and they’re great

  2. Also, quick note, my email address is “”. That’s what Ian means by my email lying about the fact I’m british 😉

  3. I can’t wait to read your articles this year, Peter! lol, your email address is great!?