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Meet Nyah Rizzuti: Public Relations Content Creator

Meet Nyah Rizzuti, our Public Relations Content Creator!  This bright, fun, and friendly seventeen-year-old lives in Greenville, North Carolina, where she spends her time hunting, fishing, songwriting, teaching violin, taking classes at her community college, and generally being amazing. She also enjoys photography and fashion styling, and she loves her position of worship leader at her youth group. This year will be her fifth with The Potter’s School, where she will be taking U.S. Government and Economics. 

Her favorite books include The Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger and Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan, two of her favorite authors. Nyah thinks it would be interesting to watch a story unfold from the perspective of an author’s favorite pen – to be the instrument the writer uses to create the story, and yet still be an observer. She enjoys studying history and especially appreciates military history. This interest sparked her love of movies and shows such as War Horse and The Pacific. Her other favorite movies and shows include Kate and Leopold, Sing Street, Teen Wolf, and Downton Abbey. When asked if she could visit any place in any book or movie, she selected Downton Abbey! She says that she would enjoy meeting the Dowager, Tom Branson, or Lord Grantham.  

Now for some fun facts: Nyah’s favorite food is watermelon. If she could have an eight-pound bag of any candy, she would choose Kit-Kats. She would enjoy being able to shape-shift into an eagle, for she loves the idea of flying.  If she turned into a tree for a week, she would prefer to spend the time either as a mighty redwood or an enchanting bonsai, especially if either was planted on top of a mountain or by the ocean. She also admires the character qualities of tape, as she aspires to keep everything together.  

We at clay are looking forward to Nyah’s contributions to the staff this year!  




Photo credit: Emma Rizzuti


  1. Emmeline! This is wonderful! Thank you so so so so so much, I LOVE it! I can’t wait to read your stories…

    • You are so welcome, Nyah! I had a blast writing it and getting to know a bit about you! And I love the one you wrote for me! 😀

    • Hope you have fun on staff at Clay! I had tons of fun with you, Mrs. K, and our other classmates last year in Alg 2 Honors!