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Meet Nicholas Shey: Boy’s Spotlight Columnist

After a brief email exchange, I got to know a very imaginative thirteen-year-old kid from California. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nicholas Shey, the extroverted INTP. This year will be his second year with TPS and his first with clay. Any fellow TPSer can find him in Honors Chemistry this year.

He initially wanted to join the e-zine as a way to express his opinions on a public forum and to get to know fellow students without spending much time away from work. Thus, he joined on to write for the Boy’s Spotlight, both to spend more time with the TPS community and sharpen his writing abilities.

As far as his interests go, he enjoys playing any sport from basketball to badminton. He has even created his own sport that he dubbed “baseminton,” a cross between baseball and badminton.

Nicholas enjoys watching movies as well, specifically the science fiction genre such as Star Wars, The Matrix, and Independence Day. This fascination for alternate futures doesn’t end with movies, as he considers Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card one of his favorite books. However, he tends to dislike happy endings.

Because of his love for science fiction, he felt inspired to start his own blog where he publishes his own science fiction action stories. Nicholas couldn’t help but feel intrigued by all the things he could imagine by letting his creativity run wild. His imagination definitely shows in his stories like “The Adventures of Froge,” a tale of a frog only wishing to learn the secret to flight, or “Luna,” a science fiction reenactment on the Moon of a scene from Les Miserables, where the revolutionaries build barricades to protect themselves against the government. Thus far, his favorite original character has been Neo Ren, a mix between his two favorite characters: Neo from The Matrix and Kylo Ren from Star Wars.

Nicholas doesn’t have an exact idea of what he will do when he grows up, but he hopes to do something that will help others and contribute to society. We will have to wait and see what he will do then, but for now, he’s going to add a very unique mind to clay’s staff.

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