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Meet Neria Zhang: Church History Columnist

Meet Neria Zhang, an adventurous fourteen-year-old living in the United States who will be serving as the Church History columnist for clay this year. Additionally, this will be her first year at TPS, and she is the most excited about attending her English class.

Neria’s pastimes include going to the gym and listening to music. She also enjoys reading, and the last book she read was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Her Myers-Briggs test result is ESTP-T, so she is bold and adventurous. Her personality comes to life in the top 5 things Neria has on her bucket list:

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Ski on Mt. Hood in Oregon
  3. Learn how to snowboard
  4. Climb Mt. Rainier in Washington
  5. And to top it all off, go to the University of Washington for pre-dental studies. As of now, her career plan is to become a pediatric dentist.

Therefore, it is safe to say Neria is a determined girl ready for the adventures life has to offer.

In addition, according to Neria, if she were a color, she would be a shade of blue because it symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust. Another interesting fact about Neria is that her greatest fear is her leg getting disintegrated in a snake’s stomach acid. Furthermore, if she had to pick between dying in five years or becoming immortal, she would choose to die in the next five years and then go to Heaven, because what is a better loophole than that? Rightly so, Neria’s favorite Bible character is Neriah, who is mentioned in Jeremiah, because she is named after him.

Neria decided to write for clay this year because she thought it would be a good opportunity to do something that she loves while also being able to do it for fun instead of only writing for assignments. Moreover, she desires to let people know how God has worked in both past and present Christians’ lives. By writing for clay, she hopes to help others get to know more about the foundations of the Christian church and significant events in church history. Neria chose church history because she thinks it is a great way to deepen one’s knowledge of history and the Christian faith. Additionally, she chose it because she believes people can grow closer to God by studying how others developed their faith in Him. So, make sure to keep an eye out for her articles, as they will be a great addition to clay.

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