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Meet Mari Stanton: Open Mic Editor

Mari is clay’s 2019-2020 Open Mic editor! Entering her third year at TPS, Mari relies on her time management skills as she navigates her classes, which include Spanish 2, Physics, A.P. World History, and English 4/5/6 Advanced Composition, among others. Although naturally a night owl, one particular six a.m. class forces her out of bed bright and (painfully) early.

Mari is a sophomore whose primary passion is the violin, which she hopes to continue studying in college. She enjoys perfecting classical pieces by Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, and others. She spends part of her summers at a music festival in Vermont connecting with other music
lovers. Her love of music extends beyond her classical studies to Broadway musicals like Newsies and The Lion King.

She loves historical fiction, especially books set in and around World War Two (citing All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr as a personal favorite). If she had access to a time machine with no strings attached, she would choose to visit the post-WW2 era to experience how the world began to rebuild after such a serious widespread conflict.

Mari strives to be true to herself and resist being swayed by negative opinions of others. One of her personal goals is to impact those around her in an intentional and positive way.

Stay tuned as Mari sets up an incredible Open Mic section this year!

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