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Meet Eunice Tan: Theology and Worldview Editor

Meet Eunice Tan!

She is clay’s Theology & Worldview Editor this year!

Eunice is a 16-year-old rising senior, who is originally from Malaysia and now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an avid writer as she has her very own blog (Check it out! <>) and is passionate about the message communicated through her writing. Her goal is to display how faith can be relevant in our everyday lives as well as positively impact others by communicating friendship. Eunice also wanted to convey the importance of incorporating our faith in our lives by naming her blog To Be Radical as she desires to inspire teenagers to accept the Bible in their everyday lives. 

Not only is Eunice an avid writer, but she is also passionate about Broadway musicals and music in general. She is a talented musician that plays the piano, violin, and ukulele. Recently, Eunice has made it a priority to experiment with different styles of music and therefore she has participated in an orchestra and writes her own music! When I asked Eunice which Broadway musical was her favorite she decisively answered, “Les Miserables!” She describes the music as “epic and heart-wrenching” and praises the theme of forgiveness and unfairness in the production. Eunice is so passionate about Les Miserables that she went to London to see the production live. She says it was an unforgettable experience. 

 Eunice has recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina from Malaysia and I had a great time comparing Malaysian culture to her recent experiences in Charlotte. One thing she definitely misses from Malaysia is the food. The unique country has many ethnic groups and therefore, there are many blends in culture and food. Some of Eunice’s favorite food blends is the fusion of Malaysian and Chinese food called Baba Nyonya and Mamak, which is a twist to Indian food. On the other hand, what she loves about Charlotte are the people and the open spaces. She compared the plentiful, green open spaces in Charlotte to the city environment in Malaysia.

Finally, Eunice expressed her excitement of entering her senior year in North Carolina. She is ecstatic to become an editor as she wants to try something new and learn from others, but she is also looking forward to college. She desires to attend a Christian college and would love to major in Communications, Broadcasting Journalism, or Creative Writing. It was a pleasure meeting Eunice and I hope you enjoyed knowing more about her too!


  1. Wow. Amazing blog.

    Looking forward to having you as my editor this year!

  2. Theology and Worldview is in good hands this year!