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Meet Elisabeth Triplett: Graphic Designer

Elisabeth Tripletta Southern-born junior with cinnamon locks and blue-grey eyesenters the scene as clay’s first Graphic Designer. Since childhood, Elisabeth has loved painting and illustrating. Her passion for art originated from her always-creative spirit, which sparked her desire to make original creations with her imagination and inspiration from other artists. Daily, she stewards her talents with the hope of influencing the world through a future of ministering to the unfortunate and the Christians of the world. While passionately moving towards a future of godly philanthropy, Elisabeth continues to search for new experiences to grow in joy and maturity, one of which is her commitment to clay this year.

Other than art, Elisabeth spends her free time reading, spending time with others, and relaxing in tranquil places. One of her most passionate interests is literature, particularly the mystery genre. The act of puzzles being revealed and overwritten with truth fills her with curiosity, particularly in Agatha Christie’s novels. When not reading or drawing, she babysits children and hangs out with her family and two dogs. Every time she interacts with others, she hopes to bless them with kindness and Southern hospitality. Her personality, which brightens people’s lives, also comes with a polar desire for quiet, leading her to an appreciation of nature. Breathtaking sights, specifically those found during scarlet sunrises and sunsets in the countryside, bring Elisabeth peace and awe of God and His wonders.

In these times with God, Elisabeth feels safe in her seclusion and talks with Him. Sometimes she prays for the well-being and joy of the people she interacts with; other times she just converses about her life and what she feels. This heart for the joy of God and His people prods her closer to her personal ideals and strengthens her trust in God’s faithfulness through her failures and successes. As she continues growing in every area of life, Elisabeth brings the joy of the Lord with her and will continue glorifying Him through clay.


  1. Hey Elisabeth!
    i’m so glad you got to be the graphic designer! Congrats. See you tomorrow!

  2. I can’t wait to read your articles Elisabeth! Your going to do a wonderful job this year!?