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Meet Christine Niu: Girl’s Spotlight Columnist

“Hey, I’m Isabel, what’s your name?”

“I’m Christine!”

“Are you new to this church?”

“Yeah, kinda; we just joined a few months ago.”

“Cool! What school do you attend?”

“Well, I’m homeschooled, but I take courses from this online school called The Potter’s School.”

“WHAT?! Me too! What classes are you taking?”

What started out as a typical Sunday afternoon of playing soccer with my church friends took a rather unexpected turn when I stumbled upon someone standing in the middle of the soccer field, effectively blocking my (failed) attempt to score a goal. The previous conversation then took place, during which we bonded over our comical inability to play soccer and eventually loosened up after one too many jokes about our Asian heritage. That was my first encounter with Christine Niu. Exactly one year later, I found myself on a Zoom call throwing rapid-fire questions at none other than the same Christine Niu. As usual, we soon found ourselves telling about our absurd (and frankly terrifying) animal encounters, cracking even more ridiculous jokes, and diving into a deep philosophical debate over the past tense of yeet.

More often known as Skittles, Christine Niu is an outgoing sophomore that just happens to be your Girl’s Spotlight Columnist. A TPS student since 2016, Christine enjoys taking English classes from Mrs. Frederick and has endeavored to take seven TPS classes this fall. Apart from academics, she loves preparing for Bible Bee competitions, playing ping-pong, or just having a good laugh with her friends. Whether through playing the piano and violin or listening to a wide array of songs, Christine both appreciates and excels in the realm of music. As a lover of words, she also spends countless hours each week writing fiction, inspirational blog posts, and RPGs, as well as reading novels, having once devoured a 650-page novel in a mere two and a half hours.

Christine describes herself as an adventurous and inquisitive person, citing her travels through more than twenty of the United States, getting into trouble by walking to the very edge of the Grand Canyon, and doing many a thing in the name of curiosity, such as cutting through the netting on her younger brother’s crib or stapling her own finger just to see what would happen.

An extroverted and talkative person by nature, Christine can often be heard using the words ‘yeet,’ ‘lol,’ and ‘mood’ countless times and cracking up her friends with her dry sense of humor. Among many other things, Christine can often be found tripping over air or trying to rescue her rapidly declining relationship with mosquitoes.  When asked what her typical week looks like, Christine isn’t afraid to be real, saying, “I panic, procrastinate, say oops, then repeat.”

With an enthusiastic and bubbly personality, Christine hopes to attend college one day and make an impact on the world by spreading the gospel to non-believers; well that is, after she learns to stop saying ‘mood’ so much and quits procrastinating…



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