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Meet Christine Lyford: Humor Editor

Deep within the heart of Florida, hidden in a small town near Orlando, resides sixteen-year-old Christine Lyford. She shares her living space with her parents, her older brother, and her noisy, spoiled parakeet. This particular 11th grader is definitely a veteran of TPS, as she’s entering her 7th year of classes with the school. However, she’s far from entering retirement. Christine will take a number of TPS classes this year, so if you see her in Physics, College U.S. History, AP Calculus BC, English 4/5/6, Introduction to Nursing, Spanish 3, or Worldviews through Movies, Music, Art, and Social Media, make sure to say hello.
Aside from being a seasoned TPSer, Christine is also a veteran of clay. Last year she made her debut as an Open Mic editor, and this year she returns as the editor for the Humor column. Though she admits, with an infectious laugh, that it wasn’t the editing position for which she originally applied, she has always enjoyed reading the Humor columns and is excited to accept the position of editor for that section.
As an introvert, Christine is quick to run from a crowded area, but when in a familiar environment, she is also quick to laugh, crack jokes, and make others feel welcome. Though she may appear to be an ordinary high school student, Christine’s interests are far from mundane. For instance, this particular TPSer enjoys the uncommon art of tatting, a form of needlework in which the crafter weaves lacy items such as doilies and bookmarks by tying together a series of knots. In addition to this hobby, Christine enjoys reading, swimming, and playing the violin in her free time. While she loves many different kinds of music, she is especially fond of the Broadway musical Wicked. One of her favorite Biblical passages is Psalm 1, which she has grown to understand deeply, having memorized and studied the verses in detail.
Though the certainly vast and difficult work ahead of Christine this year may seem daunting, we’re convinced that, armed with her Broadway musical soundtracks and mint green calculator (her favorite color), she’ll do great.


  1. You live in Florida??? ME TOO =OOO

    You were a great editor last year–you’ll be great this coming one!