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Meet Brooke Eckhardt: Teacher Spotlight Columnist


Brooke Eckhardt, clay’s 2019-2020 Teacher Spotlight columnist, has lived in Idaho her entire life and loves cookie dough flavored ice cream and fried chicken. Brooke, the youngest child in her family, is one of three children with an older brother and sister. In the summer, her family manages a property in the country; a normal summer day includes helping her parents clean up their property, taking care of her two-year-old nephew, and swimming in the nearby lake. Brooke cherishes her one-year-old puppy, a shnoodle named Daisy who enjoys playing with people, ripping up toys, and snuggling with the family. Daisy provides Brooke with a lovable best friend.

Brooke has always looked up to her sister, with whom she is very close. Whenever her older sister returns from college, they go to their favorite cupcake shop and indulge in the sweet treats as they drive to a local outdoor ice-skating rink. They laugh as they slip and slide on the ice, until they can no longer feel their fingers and toes. Noses red and freezing, they return to the warm car to giggle and chat about life.

A long-time TPS student, Brooke has completed English 1, English 2, English 3: Literature Survey, French 1A, and French 1B. She plans to take English 4/5 Advanced Composition this school year. English and writing are her favorite subjects, but she also enjoys drama. This is Brooke’s first year writing for clay, and she cannot wait to Spotlight TPS teachers. Brooke will make an excellent addition to the clay team, and we look forward to reading what she has in store for us this year.


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