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Meet Alayna Carlock: Apologetics Columnist

Galatians 1:10 says, “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ (ESV 2016).” This is sixteen-year-old Alayna Carlock’s favorite Bible verse, as it reminds her that she lives for Christ and his approval rather than the approval of those around her. Alayna Carlock was born in the US. However, she currently lives in Cyprus. 

If Alayna could live in another part of the world for the rest of her life, she would probably live somewhere in the Middle East, as it is where she was raised. As of now, her favorite food is pizza. To her, it can be eaten hot or cold and on both bad and good days. She appears to be unbiased in her taste of pizza temperatures. Music plays a huge role in Alayna’s lifestyle, as she plays piano and takes ballet lessons twice a week. 

The top three things Alayna enjoys doing are listening to music, reading, and watching YouTube and Netflix. This may be due to the fact that her Myers Brigg personality type is INFJ. Despite having different personality types, many of us undoubtedly relate to these hobbies. Who knew the world’s population could be so diverse and yet so similar? Her favorite books are the Divergent series. Career plans for Alayna include either being a journalist or English literature teacher. It almost seems like she was meant to be a columnist this year in clay. 

Alayna has been with TPS for six years now, but this is only her first year in clay. When asked why she chose to do it this year, she said that it was because she wanted to become more involved in the TPS community. It is also a great writing outlet for her. She also viewed the opportunity of being the Apologetics columnist as a way to enhance her knowledge and relationship with God. 

Alayna’s goal in writing for the Theology & Worldview section this year is to inspire readers to learn more about defending their faith and the actions they can take to do so, lessons which inspired her to serve in the Apologetics column in the first place. Also, she wants to use this experience to deepen her relationship with Christ through her writing this year. Look forward to our Apologetics columnist’s articles this year for clay

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