Keep Studying with Study Skills!

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Can you believe it’s May already? School—at least for TPS—is over and you’re ready to relax and pretend that the three months of summer vacation will last forever.

But, sadly, they won’t. But I assume that during summer vacation you will keep your mind sharp and not binge-watch on Netflix or sit on the couch staring into nothingness or go outside for some unspecified reason…right?

Well, let’s assume you’ve been ignoring your brain and letting its wrinkles smooth out. And you come back to the school year and find that you’ve forgotten how to study!

Don’t panic. TPS has a solution: Study Skills class. Whether you are a middle schooler fresh to the horrors of mounds of homework, a returning high schooler, or someone who wishes to keep their skills in studying sharp, Study Skills will help you in your school career.

Started sometime in the early 2010s, Study Skills was created as a one-semester course to aid students in the art of studying. Over the years, the teachers in the class have worked hard to revise and enhance the course.

The course itself introduces a wide variety of study techniques, requiring students to test out each method through the semester. Along with showing students different study methods, the teachers also focus largely on Scripture reading and Inductive Bible Studying, as “effective studying involves not only academic skills but also the heart of the student.”

The study methods the class teaches vary for specific classes, teaching different ways for subjects such as math, literature, history, science, and more. It also explores time management and meeting deadlines, as well as allowing students room to understand the way they study most effectively as individuals and applying their unique approaches to different subjects. And finally, the class also teaches students how to honor and worship God with their studies.

Study Skills focuses on how to help students in thinking actively and reading books and texts critically. Furthermore, the class also introduces its pupils to different note-taking styles and methods, placing and emphasis on planning and organization to help with time management. So if you are a procrastinator with a tendency to—um—procrastinate, then Study Skills will be sure to help you manage your time in a style that fits your own individuality.

The different teachers of the class also show their own unique individual personalities through different teaching methods. But generally, each teacher introduces the topic and then proceeds to practice them in class. Further, discussion is heavily encouraged between the students so that they can understand the new method of studying and apply it to their own school lives.

Fortunately, the class itself does not require hours of homework on end, meeting twice a week but expecting around two and a half hours of homework. For its specific texts, it uses only StrengthsFinder 2.0 (written by Tom Rath).

Overall, the class is a fun and interactive place where students come in to learn much but also have the time pass by quickly. It is open to those in seventh grade to senior year. And to those who have decided to keep their studying skills sharp during the summer, there is also a summer class open. But regardless of your achievement level, the class is open to all.

As Mrs. Olivia Holliday says, “Students today do not have a lot of time; they are busy and being pulled in a variety of different directions. Often times, students do what they know and repeat this cycle over and over without ever questioning whether it is providing them with ideal results and allowing them to work in an efficient manner.

“Students also struggle with anxiety, the desire to earn esteem through approval, the temptation to build their own identity, and other heart issues that are counter to a grace-centered approach to pursuing excellence in their studies. In short, this course is for both the student who struggles to start homework as well as the student who struggles to stop, and even for the student who is simply overwhelmed. It is excellent for students entering middle school or high school, or getting ready for college.”

If you are looking for a class with a friendly environment that understands your problems in studying, Study Skills is a great class to take, whether in summer or spring or fall.


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