What a Wild Life!

What is your most memorable experience? Your experience may stand out because it is exciting, meaningful, dangerous, hilarious, intriguing, or very, very dull. I have interviewed three Spotlight columnists–including myself– and have come up with a variety of stories in answer to this wild question.

Kalijah is clay’s Spotlight editor. Without her, clay’s articles may have turned out as distressing as her experience stranded at sea:
“When I was fourteen years old, I went on a school trip to Catalina Island. While I was there, we participated in many different activities: gaga ball (a game where you run, jump, and dodge the ball, trying to be the last one standing. You hit the ball at people with your hands and if the ball hits you on or below the knee, you’re out of the game.), scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, dodgeball, and paddle boarding. One day, we all woke up at five a.m. to watch the sunrise, and our instructor instructed us to get our paddle boards. He taught us how to go forward, but didn’t teach us how to go backwards. So, to make a long story short, I ended up stranded in the middle of the ocean, crying as I watched sea lions swim around me. I watched the majority of my classmates go back to the island, but a few of them were struggling like me. I honestly thought that I was going to die and started praying to God to save me and bring me back to the island. Luckily, one of my instructors noticed that a few of us were missing from the group and taught us how to turn around and come back. That was one of the scariest moments of my life and even thinking about it takes me right back to how afraid and alone I felt. It reminds me of what it’s like without the Lord. We might struggle in our personal lives and believe that we can handle everything ourselves, but when we put our trust in the Lord, He can save us from our struggles.”

It’s hard to choose a favorite experience from my life, but a funny one is the time I melted my mom’s expensive bluetooth speaker. I was focusing on lighting kindling in our fireplace so that our house would stay warm. Minutes before, I’d set our speaker atop the fireplace, but I somehow forgot about it when I lit the fire. With the speaker on the fireplace and the flames heating it as they devoured progressively larger logs, I began visiting with some guests. The next thing I knew, my sister rushed to the fireplace and pulled the speaker up from a ring of melted plastic at its base. I felt very nervous because I knew that the speaker cost $90 and that I’d have to pay for it. But when we tested to see if it still worked, we found that no damage had occurred except to its looks. We still use that speaker to this very day, and it still bears the scars from its tragedy.

Here is a story from Aina Do, clay’s Class Spotlight columnist. When I first contacted her, she said she had an unexciting life. So I asked her to write about her unexciting experiences:

“Life is an interesting thing.
Let me restate that. Life is an interesting thing in a biography or an autobiography. About 99.9999999% of the books we read only focus on the exciting parts of life. But I will attempt to show you a snippet of unexciting life.
So on Wednesday of April 24, I got up late at around nine o’clock (against the wishes of most people around me) and decided to completely forsake eating breakfast. Though I usually didn’t eat breakfast, I had a very specific reason that day for not eating breakfast. Namely, my mother was making a wonderful dish called pho which I really wanted to stuff my stomach with. Thus, no breakfast.
I began to do school, procrastinating here and there, checking things, but in general, doing the work I had to do…mostly.
And finally, the long awaited lunch hour of one o’clock (or thirteen o’clock) came! Scrambling to the kitchen, I sat down, seasoned my pho correctly, and stuffed my face in it. Oh, what a delight it was. It was like riding a dragon in the air…like watching a fire duck burn…like eating DELICIOUS FOOD!! It was so exciting–
Oh dear…it looks like I have written about something exciting after all. Oh, well. The pho was worth starving myself for in the morning.”

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  1. Beren Erchamion

    So on Saturday I was playing basketball in the driveway. I took my watch off and put it on the trunk of Dad’s car. A few minutes later, he came out and drove away! Then, I realized what I had done. To make a long story short, I ended up running after his car along the street, looking for my watch. Then I stopped running and started walking, because I was getting burned out and I figured it didn’t matter anyway. So at last I neared the exit to the neighborhood and I still hadn’t found it. I knew that pretty much my only chance was that the watch slid off the trunk when Dad took the turn to leave the neighborhood. I was almost there when VROOM! Two cars drove right past the spot, one going very fast. Well, I saw the watch lying IN THE ROAD, probably five or ten minutes (and a bunch of cars) after it had fallen off. IT WAS UNTOUCHED! So that is my exciting story.

  2. I was maybe four or five when my grandmother, my younger sister, and I were involved in a car accident. After a delightful hour of shoe shopping, we all headed out to the car. As most people do with their kids, our grandmother stopped us at the road and we looked left and right and listened to make sure that no car was coming in either direction. After confirming that the coast was clear, we headed across the road, hand in hand. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car came zooming around a corner and collided with us. I remember rolling over and over before coming to a painful stop. Too stunned to move, I laid there in shock. Thank God the car stopped before it ran completely over us and now, looking back, I realize that I was blessed to escape with only a bruised bottom. God definitely saved my life and I am forever grateful to Him! So, that’s my exciting and miraculous story of God’s grace.

  3. Elizabeth Webel

    There was the time I caught my hat on fire with a candle, accidentally set a chicken’s tail on fire, burned a hole through a bag with fire, set three marshmallows in a row on fire, set a towel on fire… Yeah, there are a lot of fire stories.

    But my most favorite crazy story was one basketball game I played with my friends. It was me (14, short) and a nine-year-old kid named Kiah (also short) on a team, and our opposers were three thirteen-year-olds who were all taller than both me and Kiah. Only a quarter into the game, the ball was about to roll out, so I drop to my knees, rockstar style slide, and grab the ball. Then, I get up–blood running down my legs–and keep playing, I was having too much fun to stop and the game would end if I did quit. So I kept playing. And me and Kiah won against all odds, 6-0 haha. Then I literally danced 3 miles home on a dare.

    I had a lot of fun and pain that day X)

    • The first part reminds me of when my friend lit a paper towel on fire. She was sewing her pointe shoes (you have to burn the ends of the ribbon first so they don’t fray) and had the smart idea of lighting a paper towel on fire. When she realized what she had done she ran to the bathroom…. but her sister was in there…. “SOPHIA OPEN THE DOOR!!” my friend yelled through the door of the bathroom….. “I was here first!” her sister yelled back. “NO SOPHIA YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!! OPEN THE DOOR!!” my friend yelled back. Suddenly the fire went out and crumbled in her hand. When she told me this story she said “and I think God was up in heaven cracking up and then said ‘okay, that’s enough fun’ and made the fire go out” 😛 🙂

    • Beren Erchamion

      Haha. Basketball is the best! I beat my (younger) brother 62-31 the other day 😛

  4. My most exiting expierience was when i was having a candle lit dinner with my dad and sister, ( my mom was out) and In order to slap me, ( i had been being aggravating) my sister caught her hair on fire, and i ended up screaming at dad “” help…. AAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHRRR Karis’ hair is on fire”