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Title: Fiddler on the Roof
Director: Norman Jewison
Year: 1971
Rating: G

The sun rises, a rooster crows, and ever so softly the tender notes of a violin grow ever stronger.

It’s pre-revolutionary Russia in the small Jewish town of Anatevka whose residents are swayed by their community and cultural traditions. And for the film’s protagonist, Tevye, traditions mean marrying off his five daughters through the community’s matchmaker. But as each of the girls forsake tradition and find love on their own, Tevye is forced to reevaluate his beliefs and tradition. And for Tevye and the town, nothing is more important than their traditions.

But as the film progresses, Tevye is forced to accept that times are changing for him and his family and that traditions may not be nearly as important as selfless love. In the end, the audience comes to understand the significance of the title Fiddler On the Roof. Just as the fiddler teeters as he plays his violin, so Tevye and the village struggle to “scratch out a pleasant simple tune” as they face life’s difficulties. That’s true for all of us. We were never promised absence from life’s difficulties. But, as the movie reminds us faith, the comfort of family, selfless love, and memories are things that we should cherish.

Just like for Tevye and his family, life changes. And for us Seniors, that fact can be rather hard to confront. But as we all look ahead to a new season in life, may we remember that we can find always find comfort and strength in the Lord as we face whatever may come our way.

Notice: It is to be noted, that there is drinking, a fight that involves some mild violence, and a dream involving ghosts.


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