Girl’s Spotlight: Granny! (AnnaGrace Horton)

“Granny!” Jillian-in-little-girl-form (Jill) grinned at AnnaGrace Horton (AG or Granny).

“Hello!” AG smiled back. “Ready when you are.”

“Ok! First, how old are you, Granny?”

“Physically, I’m 18 years young. Mentally, I’m 8.” AG laughed. “Spiritually… I don’t know.”

“Ah.” Jill nodded, “How many siblings do you have?”

“I have six sisters. Also, I have a brother in law as of about two years ago, if that counts,” AG smiled. “It’s loud. And fun.”

“Woah,” Jill gazed at Granny in wonder. “And you’re adopted right?”

“Yes. I was adopted at fifteen months. My four younger sisters were all adopted as well.”

“Wow. And where do you live again?”

“I live on a hobby farm in North Carolina.”

“Do you have a dog?” Jill leaned forward with shining eyes.

“Well, we have a lot of animals.” Granny began. “We did have a dog who died. Recently, we got another puppy. So, yes. One dog currently.”

“Aw.” Jill sank down and crossed her legs. “Hm. How many years have you been with TPS?”

“Oh dear.” Granny leaned back in her armchair thoughtfully. “A long time. Six, I think—six amazing years.”

“What are you taking this year?”

“I’ve been doing dual enrollment at a community college, but I still wanted to be able to graduate at TPS camp though, so I took an extra class. That class is Integrated Business Applications (Microsoft Office) with Mrs. Pharr. I’ve learned some in the class, and I enjoy it. It’s a good last TPS Class.”

“Ooh.” Jillian nodded. “What MBTI type are you?”

“I am ESFJ-T.I have very high SFJ and T. My extrovert is about 60% and my introvert is about 40%.”

“Cool, Granny,” Jill leaned back. “Oh. And how would you describe yourself in 3 words?”

“Hmm…“ AG thought for a spell. “Ok,” she resumed. “Other people have described me as funny, sweet, and friendly. I would describe myself as talkative, people-lover, and detailed.”

Jill grinned at AG. “Same here! Anyways, what’re you planning on becoming in the future?”

“Well, I threw around ideas a lot.” AG tucked her legs onto the armchair and propped her elbow on the armest. “I thought I wanted to be a missionary. Then, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I think now, I’m going with an accountant. Plans might obviously change. If God calls me to the mission field, then I suppose He’d just have to change my heart enough to make me want to go. I’m planning on at least homeschooling my kids, if I have any, so that’ll cover the teaching part. I also would love to be some sort of maybe substitute teacher or teach for church ministries. But I’m planning on accounting as my main job.”

“That’s cool. Do you have any specific college in mind right now?”

“I am planning on going to UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte). I’m staying at the local community college that I’m at right now because it’s free, to take some classes that I need to get into the Accounting Program at UNCC.”

“Good luck getting in. It sounds great.” Jill beamed. “What are some of your hobbies?”

“So when I was younger, I loved to read.” Granny began with a storytelling air. “Then there’s this thing that kinda got in the way. It’s called High School. And all my reading time went…who knows where. Some unknown planet, I guess. Perhaps it went with my childhood.” She laughed and sighed. “So now, I would just say that I love talking with people. People are like the best thing on earth. I mean, I’ve been blessed with some pretty incredible friends. And people in general are just a wonderful thing. They’re all created in the image of God at the very least, so I think that’s great.” AG paused (for dramatic effect). “I also like to sing, but don’t ask me to sing. I have a terrible voice, and I would make your ears fall off if you heard me—my sisters constantly remind me of my bad voice.”

“Hehe.” Jill smirked. “I may or may not do that as well,” she winked. “Practicing actually helps in-tuneness, though… Anyways, back on track, what are some of your favorite books?”

“Erm. Like I said, I don’t have time to read really…and I don’t really have a favorite book.” AG shrugged. “I don’t have a favorite movie either, so don’t ask me that… Or a favorite food.”

“Fine—Favorite music.” Jill grinned.

AG glared at Jill before cracking up. “Christian worship, I guess? How specific?”

“Sure. That works.” Jill nodded, pausing the take a crumpled list out of her pocket. “Um… Who is one of your role models and why?”

“Top one is Jesus, obviously. No doubt about that. Though I know I ain’t getting close to that—at least not in this life,” Granny smiled. “But other than Jesus… I actually don’t really know. I know a lot of great people I guess.”

“Great. What is one thing you love?” Jill traced the next line.

“Um. What do you mean by love?” Granny stretched her legs out from under her.

“Up for interpretation.”

“Okee…Uh, I love a lot of things: Jesus, people, gummy bears, hugs, friends.” Granny shrugged.

“Just curious, Granny,” Jill sat up. “How’d you become ‘Granny’?”

“So, my older sister called me Annie Granny. She did this because I reminded her of our grandma… So, she was my—” AG paused to cough “—favorite sister, I have to admit. When I was little, I was always like ‘When I grow up, my email is going to be in honor of my sister for when she dies!’” AG laughed, “I was a weird child… Anywho, I kept true to my word. ‘anniegranny’ was taken, so I used ‘anniegrannyXX’ (omitted for privacy of interviewee). So because it was my email, when I started getting social with TPS, I ended up giving people my email. This of course led me to explain my email address. At first, I didn’t want people to know because I was very protective over the nickname. I thought it should be reserved for only my sister. Well, after much pleading, certain friends asked if they could share it. Then my whole class called me it. Then I just adopted it and started telling people and introducing myself as Granny for one of my nicknames.” Granny smiled. “I’m huge on nicknames. They’re special to me.”

“Wow.” Jill gaped. “Oh, and, Granny? Do you have any words of wisdom?”

“‘You never realize your blessings until you lose them.’ I’ve also learned that time is precious and incomprehensible. I’ve spent 18 years trying to figure it out, and I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out even if I spend all my life trying to do so.” Granny replied sagely.

“And do you have a favorite Bible verse, Granny?”

“Yes: Matthew 6:25-26”

“Wow.” Jill beamed. “I think that’s all Granny. Any other stuff you want to say?”

“Well,” Granny began thoughtfully, “I guess you can mention that I love and am going to miss TPS a bunch. Mrs. Fred, Mrs. C, and Mrs. K have been my favorite TPS teachers ever. And to use this direct quote: ‘They’ve taught me Oh my stars, woop woop and wahoo, and they’ve blessed my socks off.’”

“Ok!” Jill leaped up. “Thank you so much Granny!”


“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

~ Matthew 6:25-26


  1. You’re adopted? That’s super cool! I am too! I have 12 siblings 😮 I only live with 2 tho 🙂

  2. Granny finally got her spotlight proud of you AG!! Love you dearly friend!

  3. Considering I talked so much, this was wonderfully written and edited. Thanks, Hannah. And got busy so I’m only just now seeing this. xD Shows and camp happened. Anywho, thank you!!