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Open Mic: Amazing Grace: A Call to Love by Savannah Morello

“Amazing Grace”

How old the sound.

How oft’ it falls on deft ears.

Such overwhelming,

such awesome words—

Grace for a wretch like me—

Seem empty.


Why can we not hear the glory?

How do we not see pure joy?

A simple tune

that leaves us unmoved.

We gaze upon love



and listen.


and wonder!

“Look to the cross,”

the call rings,

“See how He suffered and bled!”

Yes, we see the nails,

rinsed off, stainless,

laid upon a starched cloth.

Yes, we see the cross,

polished smooth as a silken stream,

adorning our necks.

Yes, we see the thorns,

bronze edge blunted

dotted with red paint.

“Yes, suffering we see,

and tears we shed”

Yet it wrenches not our hearts.

Our eyes skim across the anguish;

they flee from the gaping wounds.


and see.


and wonder.


and know!

Dwell not on dainty nails,

but hear the gasps they impede.

Fondle not the silver cross,

but search the misery etched on His face.

Behold not the delicate crown

but the blood it wrung from His brow.

And not only the blood from the crown: 

the trail of red across His cheek,

wrot in love for us.

The bitter moans at a bitter cup

drunken without a tear for himself.

How many He shed for the kiss on His cheek

upon the crimson streak.

How His heart did twist in

His chest at the trials

He saw ahead in our paths.

As “Father” He prays

once more before He reigns,

pleas rise not for Himself.

The last words He shares with His Dearest Beloved

cry for those who prepare His torture.

How can our hearts turn from his?

How dare we reject His love!

Is not His love our salvation?


No one hears.


No one will listen.

See the misery that was ours!

Look upon the horror we deserve!

Stare it full in the face;

glare into its eyes.


blinding as darkness


searing and smothering


streaks of horror.

We would look Him in His tear stained, blood streaked face

and scream

“I am not sorry.

I despise You.

You that offered us salvation,

salvation from our sin, but




This we would cry

we would spit in His face

would spew wrath and anger at mercy

abhor love for us.

Towards this we raced.

And then His love.

His glory freed us.

He opened our eyes,

gladdened our hearts.

He lifted our heads

and would kiss our brow.

By His suffering—

the nails

the cross

the thorns—

We are free.

And who the Son sets free is free indeed.

Because of His anguish, we may love.

but we content ourselves

with solemn songs,

simple words

and stale tunes.

Our songs are not new

our hearts are not full.


and see!


and wonder!


and know—

Look, and love.

His love lets us love:

let us love.

Let hearts overflow,

Hear of His honor

and see His tears.

See not the dainty props,

passed ’round once a year.

See anguish—

and rejoice.

He has loved you.

His love has saved you

and brought you love.

Sing a new song unto the LORD,


Open dead ears—

His grace is amazing.

Meet the Author
How old are you?
This is the only year of my life where I can truthfully sing, “I am sixteen, going on seventeen!”
Where do you live?
God just recently called our family back to America from China, so at the moment, we are in Houston, Texas. We may move to another state, though, if my dad gets a job elsewhere :).
What classes are you taking with TPS?
Right now, I’m loving PreCalc with Mrs. Crosby, who has just recently made my year by answering all my questions about derivatives. They’re officially awesome. I’m also in the most amazing section of Government and Economics, taught by the wonderfully patient and good humored Mr. Mailand. He graciously puts up with endless accents and attempts at confusing and amusing him. And finally, I have the great joy of studying Advanced Composition under Mrs. Yagle, whose laughter and encouragement have shaped me into the writer I am today. If you can’t tell by the length of my answers to these super simple questions, I’m a writer at heart ;).
What’s you favorite thing about writing poetry?
I’ve never written much poetry, but Mrs. Thomas, through her amazing English classes, taught me to love it. The way an artfully arranged string of words can take a simple—or complex—idea and show it to readers clothed in colors and melodies they’ve never seen or heard in it before. That never ceases to thrill me.


  1. That’s My FAVORITE song!! And your beautifull!

  2. this was very well written, great job =)

  3. Christine Lyford

    Great job, Savannah! It’s so pretty 🙂

  4. Love this Savannah! :)(:

  5. Beautiful poem Savannah!! Indeed, our section is the best. 😉

  6. This was so beautiful!

  7. Sis did you write that poem?! OMW it was so good!!! Love you so much <3 And you're so pretty wowww.

  8. This was a great poem!!
    Also Govt and Econ S2 is incredible

    • Thanks so much, LA!
      And oh, yeah, you know it! (We’re also Mr. M’s favorite, whether or not he admits it 😉 )
      It was so fun getting to know you this year! I’ll see you around and on the hangouts group, yeah?

  9. Awesome poem, Savannah!

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  11. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! This made my heart so happy.

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