2019-2020 clay Public Relations Team Applications!

The PR team will be responsible for maintaining the social media accounts of clay (Instagram, Facebook, and the Forums). While the social media is directly tied to the magazine, posts will extend beyond current content. We have a vision to use social media to bring the clay community to life this year, and we’re looking for a group of creative individuals dedicated to doing this. There are a total of eight positions on the team this year, with five separate positions. If you’re interested, please apply below.

PR Manager: This editor will be responsible for organizing the Public Relations team and editing their social media posts before they are published. While social media experience is highly recommended for this position, we are mainly looking for a creative individual who is dedicated to bringing awareness of clay to the broader TPS community. PR Managers will be working with designers, photographers, and writers to produce a cohesive image of clay.

Content Creators: There will be three content managers this year. These content creators will each be assigned a day of the week to post for the entirety of the school-year and will work together to create a well-developed and fluid feed. As the face of the clay feed, the content managers will be required to provide professional and engaging posts.

Engagement Manager: Our engagement manager will commit to consistently liking and commenting on the clay social media photos, as well as using the clay accounts to engage with the community.

PR Photographers: Although it will certainly be helpful if all Public Relations content managers have photography and design experience, the PR team will need two enthusiastic, experienced, full-time photographers. Our PR Photographers will provide content managers with photos for social media posts. The PR Photographers will be required to provide about eight high-quality and TPS approved photos per month for the content managers to use in their social media posts.

PR Graphic Designer:

The PR Graphic Designer will be responsible for working with clay’s content creators and photographers to provide unique and custom graphics to be used in the clay’s social media feed. The PR Graphic Designer will provide two graphics per month for the content creators.  Applicants for this position should submit four to six samples of relevant graphic design work in their application.

Social media experience is recommended, but not required to apply for Public Relations. All team members will be trained in social media before the beginning of the school year.

PR Manager applicants: Please edit and turn in the piece entitled “Technology and Cyber-Bullying” as you would for a content creator.




Here is a link to the application form: https://www.cognitoforms.com/ClayMag1/_20192020PublicRelationsApplication

And here are the questions on the form, for your reference:

Public Relations Application



Grade in 2019-20:



Position Wanted:



  1. What previous experience, if any, have you had with clay?
  2. What does your schedule look like for next year: how many courses will you take, how many are online or college-level or both, and what are your responsibilities beyond school, including extracurricular activities?
  3. How do you plan to fit clay responsibilities into your schedule next year?
  4. What social media accounts do you have and what are their usernames?
  5. Do you struggle with meeting deadlines? If so, how do you combat these struggles?
  6. On a scale of 1 to 5, how organized are you in daily life? Explain.
  7. What do you think you will add to the staff in the position you’re applying for? What are some of your talents that you might contribute to the PR team?
  8. What are some visions/ideas you have for the PR team?
  9. If applying for the photography/graphic design position, please submit four to six images that demonstrate your skills.
  10. If applying for the PR Manager position, please submit one writing sample. Additionally, edit the piece entitled “Technology and Cyber-Bullying”, found at the end of this application as you would for a PR post. As PR Manager, one of your responsibilities would be to ensure that posts on clay social media are grammatically correct and have a professional tone.  At clay, we do not necessarily follow English 2 and 3 rules such as “no be verbs,” but please make sure this article is grammatically correct and has a professional tone.
  11. If you are applying for the PR Manager position, please read the TPS statement of faith (https://www.at-tps.org/about/statement-of-faith/) and state whether you have read and agree to that statement. If you have any qualms, please note those.

Technology and Cyber-Bullying

Dear readers, technology is perhaps one of the most controversially inventions today.  It can be used in kajillions of ways, including social interaction, education, and entertainment.  Though these capabilities are useful, people have also found numerous ways to abuse technology and the Internet.  In reference to new communication abilities. Cyberbullying has stemmed from social media and messaging forums. This hurtful type of speech is often difficult to regulate. 🙁  How can we prevent this form of bullying online????

        Cyberbullying is a MAJOR form of bulleying today.  When children go online and are sent hateful messages, its difficult for them to move on.  Children also feel that they cantnot tell adults that they are cyberbullying victimz. Ephesians 6;1 says, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” Those who are bullied online are most likely bullied in person as well, which can cause them to omit school and encounter bad grades.  It can also make them shy away from all Internet activities, some of which are positive.

        The Internet has been epitomized to give us many ways to connect with friends and family, both near and far.  Applications like Skype and iMessage allow us to chat and social media websites like Facebook and Instagram help people, reach a large audience instantly.  However these programs can hurt kids when used incorrectly. Hurtful messages and social media posts directed at a child are difficult to delete after they’ve been posted (if you don’t believe me, you are stupid).  It is important for everyone to use social media and messaging apps responsibly and positively and responsibly.

        There are many ways to positively impact your community via the Internet.  First, you should always be selective of what you post online. Ask yourself if anyone would take offense to what you’re telling him, or her.  A post about an opinion is one thing, but make sure if you post a funny jab at someone, it will be taken the right way. There is no tone of voice on the Internet, so sometimes teasing can come across as rude!  Also, if you have something kind to say, feel free to share it!! Supporting others online is a good way two show compassionate. Thoughh kind comments and messages do not take much effort to create, they can mean a lot to the person you are encouraging. *posts a million smileys and hearts on my friend’s Instagram post*

        Cyberbullying can be presented easily if everyone shows more kindness and think before they post.  There will always be bullies who send hurtful things to those who don’t deserve it. It’s our job to not become part of their group.  By being nice too others online, we can treat them as we would like to be treated and communicate in a way that honors God.




  1. Are questions #2 and #8 supposed to say the same thing?

  2. Just a quick question do you have to be in high school to be apart of the clay or can you be in college?

    • Leanne Zuiderveen

      As long as you are taking TPS classes, you are welcome to write for the clay. 🙂

  3. What’s with questions 2 & 8… Im pretty sure that they say the same thing 😉

  4. When’s the application deadline?