TPS Seniors 2019

Sarah Au: TPS Senior 2019

Sarah is a creative introvert who enjoys all kinds of crafts, especially origami – particularly cranes as she’s almost done with her 5th Senbazuru (One thousand cranes) – and knitting. She doesn’t have a specific hobby at the moment since she just does each hobby in crazy dedicated stages before moving on to another one (basically she’s in the middle of a ton of projects…). She LOVES to travel and so does her family, even her grandparents! Luckily for her, she’s an only child (a rarity for a TPSer) so she gets to travel a lot since there’s less schedules to coordinate and honestly, less expenses since there’s less people. They go on one “big” (~1 week) trip a year and generally other smaller ones in between. About every other year, she’ll go on a longer trip too! Sarah’s favorite trip currently was when her family and her grandparents cruised up to Alaska in 2016 (wow the years go by fast!) because everything was so beautiful, green, and crisp up there. It contrasted sharply with her triple digit weather, dry, brown, sometimes red (from fires) hometown in Southern California. This picture of Sarah was taken on a cruise to Mexico she just went on over spring break with her family and grandparents. The delicious looking cake was a late 18th birthday cake and an early graduation cake (those chocolate sides were sinfully sweet and crunchy).

Joining TPS as a sophomore, Sarah has taken 3 language classes (French), 2 English classes (Eng Lit Survey 3 and Children’s Lit 4/5), 1 science class (Chemistry), 1 “fun” class (CADD for Architectural Design), 1 history/social studies class (U.S. Hist & Econ), and 1 combined Engligh and history class (Modern History Lit and Comp). So far, she’s loved pretty much every class. French has been the most fun, history with Mr. M the most interesting and eye-opening, and English the most useful (writing is one of Sarah’s weaknesses). Ms. Wood continuously puts on hilarious different voices when she chooses to emphasize or joke about things. Mme S’s excitement during in-class games makes learning French fun. And Mr. M’s adamant but proven opinions have influenced Sarah’s opinion of history. Her craziest decision with TPS was deciding to take French 3 at 5am in the morning, but that’s what happens when you live in the West with a teacher in the East! Her best decision was joining TPS where she has found so many friends and amazing teachers.

TPS definitely has a tough workload, but as she’s nearing the end, Sarah is so grateful that she has been prepared for tough college courses that are coming up. She has taken a couple of dual enrollment classes at her local community college, and they’ve been a piece of cake compared to TPS. She feels ready and prepared to take on university level classes thanks to her mom’s and TPS teachers’ efforts. Sarah also loves TPS because the teachers teach from a Christian perspective, which has really helped her strengthen and grow in her faith.

Sarah recently committed to going to California Baptist University recently, and is in the exciting process of matching up with a roomie. She plans on majoring in engineering, though she hasn’t decided which emphasis since “they all sound so fun!” according to her. She doesn’t have a dream future job, besides one with lots of vacation time to travel around the world with Airy (a friend at TPS).

As she nears the end of her journey with TPS and high school, Sarah is sad to think of all the TPS classes she can’t take in the future. But… senioritis hit her hard around the same time she committed to Cal Baptist. So as she finishes up the last couple weeks (that assignments page is getting empty!) she feels the bitter-sweetness of her senior year.

Number of Years Taking TPS Classes:
Favorite Bible Verse:
Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. (NIV)
This verse has always been a great reminder, especially when I’m mad at someone. It’s definitely saved me from some terrible arguments.
Advice to the Younglings of TPS:
I know it’s tempting, and I’ve definitely done it a few times (well, maybe more than a few ), but try to not procrastinate on assignments, and definitely not tests! Trying to turn in assignments with a time of 0.004593 seconds left is not the best thing to do. If you finish assignments the day before (preferably more) then you have a little “wiggle room” for when your mom or dad calls, when the wifi suddenly drops (ugh), or other unexpected things you wouldn’t want to miss out on because you need to rush through your homework (like impromptu ice cream outings).


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