Featured, TPS Seniors 2019

Ryan Milbrath: TPS Senior 2019

Ryan Milbrath is a self-proclaimed personality paradox. He is a quieter and more reserved individual until you get to know him well. After that, he is an open and joking person. He is a determined worker, especially if it is manual labor. Ryan enjoys working or being outside. If you give Ryan a project and directions of what to do, he will work hard and follow those instructions. He is very set on his views but will relent when he is wrong. He enjoys spending time with or playing card/board games with his family or friends. Another thing that is important to Ryan is honesty and not putting up a fake front.

He has various hobbies, including Metal Earth sets. He considers his summer yard work a hobby as well. He is a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings and anything related to it (except the Hobbit movie trilogy. Those went way off track…). He enjoys debating about or discussing deep concepts and ideologies (the LOTR vs. Harry Potter debate might fall under this category. LOTR always comes out on top).

Throughout his four years at TPS and in high school, Ryan has grown in his understanding and knowledge. He likes to think that he has become a pretty well-rounded individual.

His favorite TPS class has been Spanish with Señor Poortenga. “His classes were always very well prepared and educational, and Sr. is definitely one of the best teachers TPS has.” While he hasn’t been able to participate in the Honduras trip in high school, he is hoping that he will be able to go in the coming years. He also took US History Through Films with Mr. Crosby and English 4/5 and AP English with Mr. Huisman and Mrs. Troxell. “I remember really enjoying those classes and learned a lot from them.”

Ryan was also the News Editor for clay this year, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He wishes that he had done more with clay in his earlier years with TPS. He would like to thank Cassie Disharoon, Leanne Zuiderveen, Theresa Lam, William Pledger, Sarai Morato, and Gabe Ratcliffe for being great columnists this past year.

Ryan’s plans for the immediate future are attending Concordia University Wisconsin—quite the commute from Upstate, New York. He plans on majoring in accounting and getting his CPA (certified public accountant) license. He has also always wanted to be involved in some sort of long-term missions/relief work. Regardless, Ryan believes that God knows where he should go and do, so he is open to God’s guidance.

Number of Years Taking TPS Classes: 4

Favorite Quote:

George S. Patton: “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” It’s a rather accurate statement and entertaining. There are too many great quotes I’ve heard to put them all down.

Favorite Bible Verse:

His favorite Bible verse is probably his confirmation verse, Revelation 2:10b, “be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”

It helps to always remember that even when things are hard, we as Christians have the ultimate reward.

Advice to the Younglings of TPS:

“Keep at it. It will pay off later, and you won’t regret the hard work you put in now (you might want to regret it now, but you definitely won’t later). Get involved with clay in some aspect, even if it is just reading it.”


  1. Hey Ryan! Thanks for being such an awesome News editor this year! We couldn’t have done it without you :). Wishing you the best in college!

  2. Leanne Zuiderveen

    Thanks for being such an awesome editor, Ryan! All the best as you graduate!

  3. you were a great editor, and i’m glad that we were able to work together this past year!

    harry potter is better than lotr though xD

    • Thanks, Theresa. You were a great columnist, and I am glad that you were part of my staff this year.
      However, that last comment just lost you points big time 🙂

  4. Corrie Anna Campbell

    Ryan! I really enjoyed getting to know you this year. Thanks for being an amazing News Editor. I’m wishing you the best at Concordia! They are so lucky to have you. =)

    • Thank you very much, Corrie Anna! You were a great Senior Editor, and I enjoyed working with you this past year as well. I’m really looking forward to Concordia.

  5. You were an awesome editor! I had so much fun working with you this past year. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors 🙂

    • Thanks, Cassie! I also had a lot of fun this year, and you were a great columnist to work with!

  6. Hey Ryan! You were such an amazing editor this past year. Thanks for making this year so much fun and have a great time in college!

    • Thanks, Sarai! You were a great columnist, and it was a lot of fun working with you this year!