Featured, TPS Seniors 2019

Josiah DeBoer: TPS Senior 2019

Senior Editor note: *facepalm*

Josiah DeBoer was born as a person. This is being written in the third person passive tense because that’s boring. Josiah was forced to live for 18 years. He was tooking TPS classes. He was using bad grammer.

He will be doing an internship at a church next year before going off to college to study some combination of counseling, English, and political science (here’s to exposing the hypocrisy in all political parties.)

He is an Open Mic editor for clay (the bad one), a TPS mod, and on staff with Changing Lives Ministry. He also recently finished his novella, which you can find at deathbyanonymity.wordpress.com.

Number of Years Taking TPS Classes:

Sorta like 2.5 I guess?
Favorite Bible Verse:
Psalm 103:1 makes me sing internally every time I read it.
Advice to the Younglings of TPS:
Seriously? All y’all need to stop procrastinating and stop wasting time on TV and Youtube. Do that and I bet 2/3 of you will get straight A’s.

Also, you’re beautiful. Remember that.


  1. Josiah is being a pretty good open mic editor this past year. Jacey is hoping that his next few years are amazing at both his internship and college and will be praying for him!

  2. Hey Josiah! It’s been great to get to know you some since camp last year! Also, the Open Mic editor position sounds like no joke. Kudos to you for even doing the job XD (is it just me or do the X’s in this font make the emoji less awesome?). Anyways, good luck with your internship! Will you be at graduation this year?

  3. Jonathan Reichenberger

    Awesome getting to know you last year when you somehow blew your huge lead in our march madness group lol. Thanks for helping out and being a part of what we did at Chapel this year. You’re a pretty special guy, and I’m excited to see you at camp again. Keep it up my man.

  4. Corrie Anna Campbell

    Hey Josiah! I have really enjoyed getting to know you a bit and getting to work alongside you this year. Thanks for all the work you have put into clay. Best of luck at that internship next year! =)

    P.S. For the record, you aren’t fooling anybody. You are actually a great writer. *nods firmly* I’ll even forgive your atrocious display of grammar. 😉

  5. Summer Creative Writing was a blast, you’re an amazing writer and it was so great to meet you at camp! Thank you for all the ways you’ve invested in TPS, and I hope your internship goes really well next year!

  6. lol DeBoer, this bio is great! It’s been a blessing to get to know you over the years from march madness, fantasy, camp, and CLM! You’re the only person who /might/ be a bigger choker than me when it comes to fantasy and march madness… I mean, I might’ve lost in the championship twice but at least I wasn’t in the playoffs every week until the final week ? I can’t wait to get to see you again at camp this summer and hope we stay in contact man!

  7. Heyyyy its my bestie! Congrats on graduating man. Can’t wait to see where you go in life. And never stop writing. You made summer creative writing rock!

  8. ahhh ahhahahh this is amazing

    THANK YOU for all the stuff you’ve done in tps and like dude remember you are l o v e d

  9. Dude. Mashy. I laughed the hardest on this one. The first paragraph. Like wow. Also, I know you’ve got some great writing skills. *nods*

  10. Emma bounces because Josiah quoted Oscar Wilde.


  12. Abigail Kassing

    Good luck out there 🙂 😛