Featured, TPS Seniors 2019

Daniel Robb: TPS Senior 2019

Daniel was born at a young age in Beijing, China and has spent most of his life surrounded by the country’s towering gray buildings and flocks of the national bird: cranes. (Yes, the construction kind. It’s a joke (…which means you can laugh).) In the city he currently lives in, he has no peers near his age, so he’s only able to see most of his friends a few times a year, and it often means a seven-hour train ride to do so. Though strong on every point of his ISTJ 5w6/w4 personality, in the times he gets a chance to be with his friends, a strange ENFP 7 has been known to emerge and surprise those that only know the reserved side of him. That said, he’s not sure what to expect next year in college, where he’ll be surrounded by peers all day every day, after five years of relative isolation, but he knows that the Father has a good plan for him, and he’s excited to watch it unfold.

In the fall, Daniel will be attending Taylor University, which is smack in the middle of a bunch of cornfields in small-town Indiana, yet has a history of attracting a large number of people with international experience. He’s currently undecided on his major, but keep an eye out, in case years from now you read about Daniel Robb: Prestigious Neurosurgeon in the papers. Reader beware: it won’t be this Daniel Robb. There’s no way this particular Daniel is going down that road. Rather, this Daniel is currently expecting to end up somewhere in media; perhaps film or design. But really, who knows? Daniel certainly doesn’t.

In the rare times he’s not working on schoolwork or any of the other responsibilities he maintains, Daniel enjoys reading, playing music on the keyboard or his bass, and talking with his friends spread across the world. He is an avid music consumer, and gives great thought and care to the playlists he curates on Spotify, which consist mostly of Christian indie, folk, alternative, and classic Christian rock artists.

His favorite movies include Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, and his favorite books are The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit. Given this list, it is perhaps unsurprising that Daniel loves stories, especially stories that take place in expansive and stimulating worlds. And again, given this fact, it is perhaps unsurprising that he has embarked on the long process of creating and writing about his own world in a fantasy-adventure novel titled For the King. But alas, his extensive workload and numerous travels have kept him for all too long from giving it the attention he so longs to pour out upon it. Its time will yet come, he must only be patient.


Daniel laments that he has only been a part of TPS for three years and has only really been involved in the amazing community that it fosters for two of those years, but he is extremely grateful to have had the opportunity at all. He was incredibly blessed to have been able to attend TPS’ Summer Camp last year, and he rejoices that he has yet again been granted this amazing opportunity this year. Huzzah! He’s looking forward to graduating with many of his friends, even though it will require him to leave his home (the building, as well as the country itself) a month ahead of the rest of his family.

He’s taken 7 TPS courses, has appreciated everything he’s learned in every one of them, and has been very thankful for all his amazing teachers. He’d like to specifically thank Mrs. Wood, for through her genuine passion for literature and beautifully quirky sense of humor, she’s shown him that even the most frustrating writing assignments are worthwhile, even the driest reading can be fascinating, hot water truly is a classtime staple, and that introducing laughter to nearly every lesson is perhaps the highest pinnacle a teacher can aspire to.

Daniel would also like to thank the entire staff at clay for being such terrific writers and a generally fun group. He’d like to thank his editor for being ever-gracious and encouraging, and he’d like to thank the amazing (and probably exhausted) Senior Editors for a great year of clay.


Finally, he’d like to thank TPS as a whole. You have been one of the most life-giving communities he’s ever been a part of. You’ve encouraged him at his lowest times. You’ve made him laugh when he needed it most, and you’ve spurred him to participate in events he never would have before. He’s made strong friendships, met brilliant people, and heard beautiful stories—and though life may take him away from TPS when he graduates, it can never take TPS away from him.

Favorite Bible Verse:
Daniel 3:17: “If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king.” I love so many things about this verse, but probably my favorite thing about it is the deep faith it demonstrates. When faced with an imminent, and truly terrifying, death, the speakers are not shaken. They do not bend, but rather give it all to God and let Him sort the situation as He has planned. This is the kind of faith we’re all called to.
Favorite Quote:
“‘Bother burgling and everything to do with it! I wish I was at home in my nice hole by the fire, with the kettle just beginning to sing!’ It was not the last time that he wished that!” – Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit
I love this quote because all too often, it’s me. I don’t want to deal with things—be they research papers or trolls—and I’d rather just forget it all and feel comfortable in my complacency. But that’s not what we’re called to do, and even though Bilbo never stops wishng for these things, he presses on, and in the end, he saves lives and helps kill a dragon—that’s what I want my story to look like.
Advice to the Younglings of TPS:
Don’t procrastinate. At least, try your very hardest not tobecause let’s face it, it will happen. It’s a deep, dark hole, and the farther you let yourself slip, the more likely you are to lose your grip and fall uncontrollably—and, well, it’s not a fun experience if you hit the bottom. Figure out how much time you need to do a thing, make time for it (it won’t just happen), and then do it while the pressure is minimal.


  1. Jonathan Reichenberger

    Awesome meeting you at camp last year! Congrats on graduating, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at camp again this year. Taylor University is about to get a great person!

    • Thanks Jon! It was pretty awesome meting you too, and I’m super pumped to be graduating with you this year =D

  2. Congrats Daniel! You’re a really cool guy and it was great to get to know you last year at camp! It’s too bad we didn’t know each other sooner, but I’m glad that you’re gonna be at camp again so we can graduate together! #Classof2019isthebest

    • Ah man I know, if only we’d met sooner. But still, I’m so thankful that I got to meet you in person last year and that we get to stand on a stage together in fancy outfits so we can look nice when they hand us paper next month =P

  3. Aw, Daniel!! It’s been amazing being your editor this year! I really had such a great time reading your wonderfully written articles and laughing at your jokes! I know God is going to use you in such a big way because you brighten up the lives of everyone you know. I can’t wait to see where you end up!

    • Kalijah, you’ve been the amazing one! Putting up with my ridiculous sense of humor, editing my last-minute thrown-together drafts, and being one of the most encouraging people in my time with clay—I couldn’t ask for a better editor. Thanks for everything =D

  4. One of the most relatable quotes in existence, i love it ;P

    Congrats on graduating! You seem like a really cool person, and I hope next year will hold lots of unexpected blessings as you head to college. =)

    • Haha I know right! The first time I read it, I remember thinking “Oh man, this is so me. I’m not going to forget this one” xD

      Thanks! I’m bummed that I never really talked to you last year, but you seem like a pretty awesome person, and I’m excited to see you again at camp =D

  5. Congratulations, Daniel! Just gonna take this opportunity to say that you are pretty amazing. I just know that you are going to do well in whatever you set your mind to because you do whatever it is for His glory.

    I’m so glad that I have gotten to meet you and get to know you, and I am so excited to graduate with you this summer. =)

    • Wow, thanks so much. You’re always so encouraging, and I love that. Thanks for always being there to remind me that it’s worth it =)

      AGH yes! I’m so excited to see you again, and I’m so thankful that we’re both going to be able to graduate! =D

  6. This is a great bio. : ) Thanks for your kind presence on forums — and being one of the few who loves Josh Garrel’s music. XD Praying that you have a smooth transition into college.

    • Thanks Annalia! I’m blessed to have the wonderful community that is the forums, and I’m so glad to have found others who share a love for Garrels’ music =P We may be few, but we are proud xD