1. This is great! Poor ol Charlie brown. LOL

  2. LOL! I love Charlie Brown! Haha!

  3. LOL! This is awesome! *I got a rock* LOL!

  4. Great job Rob!!! Did you know that I started drawing my rabbit comics because I was inspired by Charlie Brown? what a coincidence haha!

    • Thanks! I actually didn’t! XD Although I did see some artistic inspiration by the lines behind their eyes. xD

  5. LOL! This is so funny!?

  6. i’m so impressed =OO.

  7. ” I got a rock”. No, actually, I got a see-through green snake in my egg. ( This IS true)

  8. Poor Charlie Brown. Although i somehow dont feel to bad for him.

  9. He got a rock too in another Halloween Charlie-Brown movie thing. xD did you get inspired by that?

  10. Maggie that’s an awesome profile picture