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King of Extreme: Quidditch

With spring, well, springing, a special extreme sport season is coming to a close, sending our favorite daring athletes off to their homes over the summer. This sport, is, of course, Quidditch! While most extreme sports are often single person events, quidditch is one of the rare few that involves competing teams.

The game, as we know it, has had many previous iterations, from sharpened broom handles and dragon bladders to an all out race of 300 km. Its history began at Quidditch Marsh. Annoyed by the noise it created, grumpy witch Gertie Keddle describes it as-“a stupid game on their broomsticks that put a big leather ball in my cabbages.”  And so, wizarding schools across Europe adopted Quidditch into their athletics program. The enticement of this extreme sport quickly established itself over the other wizarding sports of the day. In fact, our school, The Potters School, have been trying to establish its own quidditch team, yet due to a lack of proximity between its headquarters and students, has been unable to do so.

   As for equipment, there are a variety of brooms, but the Quaffle, Bludgers, and Snitch remain standard throughout all establishments. Some of the most famous Quidditch players are Harry Potter and Victor Krum. However, there are four main competitors for producing the best broom: Firebolt, Nimbus, Cleansweep, and Comet. Firebolt has recently produced the best broom—quickly adopted by all International Quidditch Associations. Quidditch greats like Victor Krum and Harry Potter use these brooms in their events.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for students in the USA to gain access to quidditch games because Quidditch is only played in Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, TPS is an international school and so, if you live in a continent where it is played, try to join a game! Most players, like any extreme sport athletes, are delighted to have more players join the sport.


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