How to Enjoy TPS Break

We all love break, but it’s important to spend your break wisely! After all, what’s the point in having a break if you’re going to be spending it on- I don’t know, studying that really important test after the break? Here are some tips to be your best self when you’re on break!


Get Stuff Done

Sometimes, we get a little busy during the school semester, especially if it’s before the break. Because of that, we get behind on chores and other things we want to do. So, before you start doing things you were looking forward to, power through your list of responsibilities. Why would anyone spend their break scrubbing toilets? Clean your room, try reading that book, and maybe feed your dog? He looks hungry.


Spend Break Studying

Basically, breaks are just school days where you can stay at home and watch Netflix while you do homework. Enjoy sleeping in, but just be sure to study, because “rest” is just one letter away from “test!”


Don’t Do anything

Sometimes, the best breaks are the least busy ones. Maybe just taking one lazy day is fine. Or a lazy week. Or just don’t do anything the whole break.


Have a Good Excuse

It’s important to be equipped with good reasons to not be doing something “productive” like chores or feeding your dog, so here are a few good sentences to tell yourself and others:

“Honestly, what’s the difference between ‘self care’ and ‘binge-watching YouTube?’”

“Video games improve your motor skills, right?”

“Here’s 13 Reasons Why I’m watching a show.”

“Mom, I’m pretty sure that reading the Wikipedia article on high-fives is considered educational reading.”

“What’s the worst that could happen?”
“I probably won’t spend TOO long at Starbucks.”

“It took all day, but at least I’ve mastered the art of pulling my thumb off.”

“I’ll do that later, I have all – wait, class is tomorrow!?”

Okay, then, guys! Gotta go, but be sure to enjoy your break!


  1. Intelligence at its best

  2. LOL “wait, class is tomorrow!?”

  3. Thanks for the tips! 🙂