Archer the Space Explorer

For Story Spotlight this month, I have interviewed a real space explorer– April Fools! Usually I do interview real people, but because of the season my editors asked me to switch things up. Archer is a fictional space explorer from Hans Bluedorn’s newly released book Archer and Zowie. In Hans’s book, Archer and his best friend Zowie travel through space in a treehouse spaceship. Here in this article, far away from space, Hans will speak for Archer and answer some questions.

Before Archer Left On His Adventure:
Me: If you met an alien, what would you do?
Archer: Is it edible?
Me: Do you know a lot about space?
Archer: No. Space is infinite. A lot of infinite is at least 51% of infinite. 51% of infinite is still infinite. Since I am not infinite, I cannot know a lot about space. That’s math.
Me: What is your favorite planet in our solar system?
Archer: My favorite planet in the solar system is the one that hasn’t been discovered yet. It is probably still floating out there, undiscovered and shrouded in mystery.
Me: Do you want to go to Pi3 Orionis? What would you do if you travelled there?
Archer: Given the opportunity, yes. But since traveling one million times the speed of light has not been invented yet, I will have to settle for … Montana.
Me: What are some adventures you and Zowie have gone on before?
Archer: That is a secret. It’s called narrative ambiguity.
Me: Would you ignore Zowie if you were busy contemplating Einstein’s theory of relativity and Zowie wanted your attention?
Archer: Einstein wins every time!

Archer and Zowie’s space adventure all begins when they, while trying to think of something interesting to do, invent a Teleportee. Then they fly away into space with their new invention and find themselves lost. They meet a space helmet with lips, a space bug named Patina, penguin aliens, and even the author. Archer has to save Zowie from captors and find a way back to their home many light years away. Their adventures help them become closer friends and learn more about themselves.

After Archer Left On His Adventure:
Me: Now that you know Zowie better than ever before, would you ignore her if she needed attention and you were busy contemplating the world’s mysteries?
Archer: I don’t know! … Stop asking me these complicated questions and leave me alone!
Me: Now that you’ve met several aliens, which did you think was the strangest?
Me: What was your favorite moment of your whole space adventure?
Archer: Oh, that’s easy. The Forest of Yellow Snow!
Me: Did your babysitter ever find out it was you who used $400 on her credit card?
Archer: Oh, we charged a lot more than $400 on her credit card … wink!
Me: Do you have any plans of further adventures?

To learn more about Archer and his adventure with Zowie, buy a copy of Archer and Zowie, available at Amazon:


  1. THis book sound interesting, i might check it out. but one question: what percent human is this kid?

  2. Riley Currado, Story Spotlight Columnist

    Archer is full human.