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This Scientifically-Proven Prayer Formula Will Change Your Life

Is your prayer life getting dry and boring? Do you feel anxious about unanswered prayers? Do you feel disconnected from the Lord? Then, you have come to the right place. My brothers and sisters, cast your worries aside. I, too, felt this way just a week ago, but the information you are about to hear will radically transform your prayer mindset, as it did mine.

Last Wednesday, I found a copy of a medical journal published by The Medical Miracles of Jesus Association (MMJA) in November 2018, which recorded a life-changing experiment on prayer. Scientists at the MMJA conducted a ground-breaking study, in which they split 300 Christians into two groups. The first group prayed with their heads bowed, and the other group did not. The results were phenomenal. Astonished, researchers discovered that members of the first group who bowed their heads were 97.5% more likely to have their prayers answered than those who did not bow their heads. Furthermore, according to another study conducted in 2016 by MMJA, 80% of Christians in America who regularly bow their heads during prayer report having a more regular and intriguing prayer life full of special revelations and answered prayers. What is the remarkable reason for these extraordinary benefits?

In a scientific study conducted in September of 2018 by Thavma Academy’s very own born-again neurologist Dr. Roger Whitefield, he observed that the action of bowing one’s head while contacting a higher power led to optimal blood flow in the brain. Whitefield had this to say at Thavma Academy’s press conference last October: “It is fascinating, but when examining the brains of praying ‘bowers,’ I noticed that all neurological blocks in the brain’s various passageways either significantly diminished or disappeared altogether, and blood from the heart started to steadily and smoothly make its way into the brain’s system without any interruptions. This led to optimal mental function, powering up the linguistic communications side of the brain, aiding the ‘bowers’ to find the best words to say in their prayer. It is then no wonder that these believers find more enjoyment in their prayer life and receive more answers to their prayers. An avid communicator with an attentive brain surely has no problem conveying his or her wishes to our God Almighty.” What an enlightening discovery! Don’t you feel empowered to become a praying “bower” yourself? When I stumbled upon this research, I definitely gained the spiritual motivation I needed to persevere in my prayer life!

The intrigue does not stop there… Recent studies by the Let There Be Life Foundation (LTBLF) also show that closing one’s eyes while praying triggers a drastic increase in levels of hostamine, the hormone that has especially high levels in the brains of Christian subjects who testify to having regular spiritual experiences and strongly feeling the presence of God while praying. Dr. Claire Nelson of LTBLF states, “We are not entirely sure what the purpose of the hostamine hormone is or how an increase in its levels affects the human brain and body in its entirety, but we can be sure without a doubt that increased levels of hostamine have a strong correlation with increased sensations of being in God’s presence.” In order to affirm their hypothesis, researchers of LTBLF conducted a nationwide online survey in November of 2017 where they asked Christians to answer two of the following questions: “Do you close your eyes while you pray?” and “Have you ever felt God’s presence or had a spiritual vision?” The results showed that while 85% of those who closed their eyes answered yes to the second question, a mere 27% of those who did not close their eyes answered yes to it. Astounded but convinced, LTBLF’s neurologists and many others have started to accept the indisputable fact that closing one’s eyes while praying and raised levels of hostamine do indeed lead to heightened experiences of God’s presence.

As a result, it does seem that the old, well-known saying, “Bow your heads and close your eyes”, which all of us heard as kids is much more than just nagging but is indeed a timeless truth. I entreat you. I implore you. I offer every single one of you a chance to change your prayer life for the better with these two simple but effective practices. Science proves its benefits!

Bow your head + close your eyes = An effective prayer

Follow this formula. Do not make any exceptions or break these guidelines. For only when we follow the regulations, will God hear us, right? Adhering to this formula will put you on the right path to ultimate holiness, for what more is faith than a list of actions? Surely, it is not a matter of the heart! Or should I start researching studies conducted by Christian cardiologists…?


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(Disclaimer: All information written in this article and all sources listed were conceived purely of the imagination of the writer. All characters mentioned in this article other than God are fake, so you may want to give up searching up a Dr. Claire Nelson. It is imperative that the reader does not take any scientific or experimental data in this article to heart. A little sarcasm can’t hurt, huh?)

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