1. haha yes! these are great!

  2. Woah an evil carrot?? ahahahahaha Carrots aren’t evil (yeah that’s the point I know)!!! Jeff is a great name for a carrot XD *cough cough*

  3. Lolll. Lord Voldemort joining forces against a carrot xDD

  4. Rebecca Shangguan

    HAHA I would still prefer adding a third day to the weekend

  5. LOL is there a Lego Jason Bourne?

  6. BEST. STORY. EVER!!!!!!!!! 😛

  7. And so begins the never-ending Sans memes

  8. THird day to weekends..My dream! love it!! Then maybe a fourth day too!! 🙂

  9. Jeff gets 3 day weekends every week….. 😛

  10. So true about that fan-pic. xD Love this comic. =)