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A Step Toward Neat Handwriting

Sometimes handwriting can be a huge part of first impression. Imagine, if you will, that one day you had to write a letter to the Queen of England. You would definitely want to write as neatly as possible! Although hand-lettering might improve handwriting, in order to truly enhance your handwriting you need to specifically practice handwriting itself as well. In this article, I would like to share a few tips in how to successfully improve your handwriting.

1. Write the alphabet, both lowercase and uppercase.

Before you look up all the fancy and neat variations of handwriting on Pinterest, first grab a notebook and write down the alphabet using your normal handwriting. This can prevent you from unconsciously mimicking the fonts you see online. Also, keeping this sample in a notebook will allow you to look back at your handwriting someday, and you will be able to see how far you have come and how much you have improved.

2. Examine your alphabets.

Now that you have written the alphabet, examine the letters you have on your paper. You can go and look up some interesting examples of handwriting on Pinterest or Instagram now. Think about what kind of handwriting you would like to emulate: cute and round, thin and acute, or really classy? Compare your alphabets with these more stylized ones, or simply stick to analyzing your own alphabets. If you notice any particular letters that you would like to improve or that don’t match your desired style of handwriting, circle or underline them. For example, I didn’t like how my uppercase “S” looked, and my “O” looked like a squashed orange, so I circled these.

3. Practice how you would want it to be.

After you have decided what you would like to change or improve, practice writing using those improvements. Write the letters several times and find and underline the one that most closely matches your ideal handwriting. That letter should be the example from now on. Go through this process for every single letter you have marked up in the previous step. Try and experiment with the letters, too. For example, I tried several different ways of writing the uppercase letter “Y” until I finally decided which one fits my overall handwriting the most. You might not be able to immediately find your most ideal handwriting– notice how I put a question mark by the lowercase “g”. I didn’t like how my g’s were turning out, so I left the question mark, reminding myself I will need to come back and retry writing it.

4.Practice, practice, practice.

Once you have figured out the details of your goals for your individual handwriting, it’s time to start practicing (again, yes, I know)! Keep in mind to write slowly at first. Once you master your new handwriting, you can try speeding it up. Try writing your name with your new handwriting, write Bible verses, or any silly phrases that come to mind! The key is to keep practicing, and believe me, your handwriting will improve.


If you want to improve your cursive handwriting, you can use the steps above and modify accordingly. Although these steps might look like they would take forever, they won’t. After you have made your way to step 3, you can practice your handwriting when you’re waiting in class before the teacher comes in or practice while you’re chilling as you listen to music. You don’t necessarily need to dedicate hours each day to practice, just little fractions of available time that you have in daily life should be sufficient. Also, I would like you guys to keep in mind that although this is how I practice my handwriting, everyone can develop a method that suits themselves.

And, finally, we have a winner for our Hand Lettering challenge! Audrey Chua, congratulations!

Audrey Chua’s Gorgeous Work

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted their work, there were so many beautiful submissions!

Until next time, happy practicing!


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  3. Rebecca Shangguan

    Audrey that is amazing work! Love it

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