Meet Mrs. Habacivch: Your One-Stop Ticket To Math and Science Comprehension!

When you take the SAT or ACT exam, you will need a rock solid foundation in math and science, regardless of whether you are planning on a career in either of those fields. For those of us who don’t enjoy or who struggle with math or science, this can be a very scary thought. Fortunately, Mrs. Susan Habacivch is here to save the day! Mrs. Habacivch, fondly known as “Mrs. H” by her students, is highly gifted not only with an uncanny ability to understand math and science but also with a remarkable talent for teaching and explaining those subjects. She especially enjoys teaching the more abstract topics within them.

Mrs. H came upon this position as ACT Prep, SAT Prep, and Algebra 2 teacher for TPS through a colorful assortment of life experiences. Growing up, she rarely lived in one place for over two years. She had the great opportunity to live in many places from Delaware to Austria. After high school, she went to college and got a degree in French from Regis College and a degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington University. She used her chemical engineering background to work at DuPont De Nemours Inc. as a chemical engineer. She helped forward DuPont’s mission of making the world a safer and more efficient place through their employees’ science and engineering expertise. She retired when she and her husband had their first child. When she decided to homeschool her four children in 2003, she discovered her passion and aptitude for teaching through co-ops and tutoring opportunities.

Through it all, Mrs. H is very grateful for a God who has provided and been there for her. Without Him, she would likely have not married her husband, who introduced her to Christ when they were still dating.


Mrs. Habacivch has had some incredible opportunities to explore and expand her expertise in her life. Today, she lives with her husband and their hunting dog just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In what little free-time she has, she and her husband are making plans to build an off-the-grid cabin in the woods for weekend getaways or for work breaks.

TPSers are very lucky to have her teaching not only the math portions of SAT and ACT prep but also Algebra 2. Even if you already have an SAT or ACT Prep class lined up for next year, you would do well to heed what Mrs. H considers the most important piece of advice: practice makes perfect. The more familiar you are with the ins and outs of these tests, the better you will do when it counts. She recommends keeping a notebook to learn from past mistakes.

For everyone taking the SAT or ACT this year, we can do this! An optimistic mindset is key. If you go in convinced you’ll fail, will you ace it? For sure no. (All John Crist quotes and references are the property of John Crist and his comedy career and may not be used, viewed, edited, or distributed except by the truest fans of his comedy – clay readers.)

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