An Answer to an Epidemic

This month’s extreme sports article will be a bit different from the rest.  I won’t exactly be highlighting a different sport or set of sports, but focusing on why I believe extreme sports are so necessary, especially in today’s culture. These are more of my personal beliefs and understanding, rather than a factual review of the activity. In my experience, extreme sports help a person achieve a natural high, get in fantastic shape, and increase their confidence.
So why are extreme sports so vital to our society? The answer lies in our inactivity. People are so glued to technology—even though we don’t even know it. We would rather do something inside on our phones or computers rather than go outside. I know, I’m guilty of it too. I’d rather play video games after school than work out. It’s just the way our lazy minds work. However, extreme sports are the answer. They provide a bigger adrenaline rush or “happy place” than social media or gaming will bring. Researchers have found that social media, while introducing self-consciousness and a lack of personal confidence, helps many deal with moderate levels of stress. And we all can see this. After posting something on our story of liking someone else’s posts, we feel just a bit “lighter” in a strange way. Sadly, the natural high we get from social media may give way to an even greater problem. Extreme sports provide people with a massive adrenaline rush that far exceeds any received by social media.

Additionally, it is clear, with or without polls and studies, that America’s current epidemic is obesity. Our culture tends to promote gluttony. There are massive Sonic shakes, huge slices of cake, and large cups of Coca Cola at the movie theaters. Restaurants around the country seem to say, “if we can make a portion size bigger, let’s do it.” Extreme sports can help to solve that problem, because they are a great way to not only get in fantastic shape, but to have fun while doing it.

Lastly, in an age where many lack confidence—either in trying something new or approaching new people—extreme sports are the answer to both. Now, people who are not used to physical activity will not be able to do an extreme sport well from the beginning. However, the idea of being able to one day do a cool extreme sport can be excellent motivation to someone trying to become more physically active. It is amazing to watch the way that any extreme sport—be it rock climbing, surfing, skimboarding, skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, etc—boosts your confidence in that area tremendously. For example, in rock climbing, when you send—finish—a new or harder climb, it increases your confidence in a way that is difficult to describe. In my opinion, you can clearly see this confidence in one area bleed over into your entire life. So, to conclude, extreme sports give a person a natural adrenaline rush, extend their relationships, increase strength, and boost your confidence. Also, for those who have stayed with me so far, thank you for reading.

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