Vote for the Best Round Robin!

Hello TPS!


It’s time for one our favorite events of the year: the Round Robin! As we did last year, the Senior Editors have split the staff of clay into two teams. Each team has written a story. However, it’s up to you all to decide which team has the better story. The winners will be proclaimed clay Round Robin winners for all time. Pasted below is the link to the ultimate and official forums poll for deciding which clay Senior Editor has the better Round Robin.


To read Team Jacey’s article, Of Mickey, Toothpaste, and Love, click here.



To read Team Corrie Anna’s article, My Kingdom For A Purple Cow, click here.


Please be sure to share these links with all your friends, classmates, and teachers! If we invite more people to share in the fun, we will be able to expand the clay community. We also want to have as many votes (and readers) as possible for this competition.


Finally, for the sake of all that is good in this world and after you have carefully considered your options, please vote for your favorite story here: https://forums.pottersschool.org/forum/general-announcements/431226-vote-for-the-best-round-robin-official-poll


May the best story win.




Your 2018-2019 Senior Editors (who are now sworn enemies in this momentous battle)  


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  1. Heyyyyy!!!! Sooooo…… uuuuummmmm……. I can’t go on forums…….. Is there another way I can vote?