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TEAM JACEY: Of Mickey, Toothpaste, and Love

Jacey Koo • Piper Boykin • Lynn Paine • Madison Asher • Rachel Shey • Ethan Schubert • Faith Thompson • Eunice Tan • Theresa Lam • Leanne Zuiderveen • Gabe Ratcliffe • Sarai Morato • Hannah Wong • Riley Currado • Aina Do • Joy Chang • Nicholas Kaplan • Sarah Sears • Ruthie Ross • Kailey Williams • Christine Lyford

Great. Just great. Amber flopped onto a bench next to her brother at the baggage claim of the Orlando airport, watching the million suitcases glide slowly past her. Polka dotted suitcase, Mickey Mouse suitcase, an “I Love Justin Bieber” suitcase…but none of them were hers. As random tourists claimed their bags and scampered off happily, Amber glared through her long blonde hair at the spinning colony of luggage. All she needed was to arrive in Florida to visit the “Happiest Place on Earth” (a.k.a. Disney World) and have no luggage and thus no clothes to wear except the SpongeBob trousers she was currently sporting (and secretly proud of). Then she spotted it. Her precious, red duffle bag. Snatching it up, she hurried outside to catch the Disney bus that would take her to her resort, motioning for her brother to follow.

After having safely scurried aboard and found a cozy seat next to a window, she sighed. This was how a Disney vacation was supposed to be. No sooner had the thought left her mind when she felt a small movement inside her red duffle bag. Amber froze. There it was again! Something was definitely scurrying around. Horrified at what might have crawled into her luggage during the five hour plane ride, she slowly slid the zipper open and gasped––this wasn’t her bag at all! She yelped as something flew out. It was a vicious, flying…toothbrush? (KOO)


The flying toothbrush came zooming out of the red bag. Right before the toothbrush hit Amber in the face, someone grabbed it. (SEARS) Amber looked up to see her younger brother beaming down at her, and in his hands was a rat holding her toothbrush! (KAPLAN) Amber was further surprised when a woman dressed as Minnie Mouse reached over for the rat. “He’s mine,” she said. “Come here, Mickey, my darling.” Unfortunately, Amber’s brother, Isaac, did not seem eager to cede possession of Mickey, neither did Mickey seem keen on returning to his “owner.” (SHEY) Still dizzy from shock, Amber could only watch as the lady coaxed and cajoled Isaac, to restore her “darling Mickey Rat” to her while subtly cornering him against the side of the bus. (WONG) She looked around the bus, wondering if any other abnormal scenes would take place. (PAINE)

She knew she shouldn’t have done something as stupid as look around for abnormal scenes, especially when she found a couple of moving brooms cleaning empty bus seats, the unstood floor, and the ceiling. (DO) Timidly from behind her seat, she peered around, watching the tools work. Slowly stepping away, her foot stepped on a candy wrapper on the floor, catching the attention of the cleaning supplies. (ROSS) As quickly as the cleaning supplies started they stopped, rushing out an open window and almost knocking Amber over! (SEARS)

In the midst of all this chaos, more items began zooming out of the red duffle bag as the other passengers took cover under their seats. Mickey the mouse was heard squealing as he attempted to catch all the items. From the front of the bus, the driver turned around and shouted for order over his shoulder. (KOO) As a young child began sobbing from fright in the seat ahead, Isaac turned to Amber and snickered, “The happiest place on earth, eh?” (ZUIDERVEEN) Just then, two audible squeaks could be heard as Chip and Dale appeared out of nowhere and were chomping on a bag of rare honey nuts. (LAM) The bag came to life too and zoomed away, spilling honey nuts on the floor. (CHANG) Despite the total chaos taking place, the woman dressed as Minnie Mouse seemed entirely calm. She turned to Amber in a manner not unlike that of a Victorian lady at high tea. “Darling,” she said. “You have come into possession of the Sorcerer’s Sack. How lucky you are. Now put away this mess.” (SHEY) Amber became really weirded out by this supposed “Minnie Mouse” and quickly jumped off the bus. (LAM)

Still attempting to sort out all the bus-related weirdness, she didn’t look where she was going and bumped into a woman in a fancy pink dress. “Careful,” Princess Aurora–Princess Aurora?!?!?–giggled dreamily. (DO) “I’m going to a party tonight, and I really cannot be bothered by another witch today!” (LYFORD)

Amber then noticed that the ferocious toothbrush was bobbing along behind her, and she turned to face it, saying, “What do you want?”  

“I’m following you because I’m waiting for further instructions on what you wish me to do,” replied the toothbrush.

“Then make my brother appear, please,”Amber directed as she remembered how she had ditched him when she’d left the bus. (CURRADO)

“I can’t do that,” replied the toothbrush. “I can only help with dental hygiene.” (CHANG)

Amber screamed in exasperation. “FINE! THEN GO DO SOMETHING USEFUL.” The toothbrush bowed and began brushing the poor innocent Princess Aurora’s teeth. (KOO)  

Now in a panicked frenzy, Amber opened her duffle bag again to look for the Disney map she had picked up earlier. It was her only hope of getting back to the bus to locate Isaac. Unfortunately, as soon as she unzipped the bag, an elephant jumped out.  

“Yay!” shouted Princess Aurora, jumping nimbly onto the elephant’s back. Amber saw no other option but to also get on the elephant. After all, it was her only other hope of getting back to the bus to locate Isaac. (SHEY)

As it began walking, Amber looked behind her to see Mickey, Chip, and Dale sitting on the elephant’s back too and holding the toothbrush! (CHANG)

Well, they were fighting for it, until Mickey’s tiny mouse claws grabbed it and pointed it at Amber (DO).

“MUAHAHAHA,” cackled the innocent-and-cute-turned-into-purely-evil Mickey Mouse. “Little did you, measly human being, suspect that it was I who was behind this all along! It was my plan to retrieve this…” He waved the toothbrush back and forth, “Unbeknownst to you humans, this is an ancient treasure that was hidden in the deepest pits of the Happiest Place on Earth, irretrievable… until your presence signaled its return! And your silly younger brother is my key to power… Posing as an adorable, cute cartoon character for Disney was just one of my brilliant ploys to gain the trust of all the gullible children of this world!”

“Wha–what?? My younger brother… what have you done to him?” Amber cried out in utter despair and confusion. Her mind was exploding as a hundred questions zipped back and forth in her mind. Zip! A golden flash of lightning, which strangely smelled like Colgate toothpaste, struck Amber in the heart, pushing her off the elephant and onto the ground. (TAN)

Tumbling hopelessly into the ground, Amber looked up to find a travel sized bottle of toothpaste floating down. Backing up, she realized the tube was talking.

“How dare you prefer Crest over Colgate!” It exclaimed. (ROSS)

“I…I…” Amber stuttered as her heart cracked in half, leaving her sobbing deplorably, “I’m… I’m sorry.” (WONG) Amber didn’t know what to do with herself. She just wanted to go to her hotel and and take a nap. Amber walked up to her hotel, arrived at the desk, and checked in. When she was about to leave, she found something wrapped around her ankle. And it was moving! (SEARS)  

She looked down and discovered it to be a small black snake. “I am your brother,” he hissed, proceeding to bite. Amber screamed, but it was too late. Before her eyes, her legs transformed into a lithe black tail, which she took advantage of and used to whack Isaac the snake. (SHEY) She slithered away as fast as possible (which was quite slow, especially considering she had never slithered before), trying to get the front desk employee’s attention, who, interestingly, took no notice. (SCHUBERT)

Abruptly, Chip and Dale barged in and showered Amber with nuts, and she turned from a snake back into a human. (LAM) To her surprise, she looked up to see the Minnie Mouse woman from the bus floating around in an orb of pixie dust atop a Mickey pretzel stand. (BOYKIN) “You have to stop him!” the woman exclaimed. “Mickey has become polluted with this evil dream, and we can’t let it succeed.” (LYFORD)

“What are you talking about?” Amber said, utterly confused and exhausted and just wanting to go to sleep and eat a gallon of gummy bears for therapy.

“Well, this dear pet rat that I’m holding in my hands controls the real, life-sized Mickey Mouse,” the woman from the bus said, looking rather guilty. “I promise he’s really a nice rat, but I think he ate too much toothpaste, and it sort of connected his mind with the real Mickey.”

Amber just stared.

“If you wake up my pet rat Mickey––the good Mickey––the connection between the two mice will cease, and everyone will be happy again.” (KOO)

In shock and utterly surprised, Amber looked at the rat and wondered how she could wake him up. Would this lemon help? (PAINE) As Amber dribbled lemon juice over the rat, the sourness sank into Mickey’s dreams… (WONG) It seemed to be working––the rat began to toss and turn––but the sourness was compounding the evil Mickey’s diabolical nature. (SCHUBERT)

“Yes!” Evil Mickey could be heard from outside, “With this rare treasure in my possession, I will turn this place from light to…” The juice suddenly took effect, sending him into a frenzy. (LYFORD)

Amber ran to the window to witness the destruction of her arch enemy. Mickey was thrown high up into the air where he was spinning around and around as golden wind and magic circled him from some unknown source. As Amber stared at the diabolical rodent, she witnessed a change. His pawed feet morphed into human toes. His arms and hands transfigured from their black fluffiness into real flesh and bones. Within a total of 23.45 seconds (significant figures included), the beast had transformed into the prince! The spell was broken, leaving the slightest scent of Colgate toothpaste lingering in the air.

“It’s you!” Amber breathed.

The transformed prince stared at his hands and feet and unnaturally and slightly creepy long, blonde hair.

“Belle, I mean, Amber,” he said, taking her hands.

At this moment, the snake who was her brother transformed back into Isaac who gaped at the scene looking revolted.

“Get a haircut, dude,” he said.

After the beast-prince-Mickey-Mouse got a haircut, he married Amber-Belle on the highest turret of the Disney Castle. (KOO) On the wedding day, Princess Aurora cheered as Amber rode in on the back of the very same elephant that had emerged from the red duffle bag. The flying toothbrush carefully guarded the wedding cake from the ravenous jaws of Chip and Dale, who had already finished their honey nuts. This wedding cake was rather special, since it was Colgate-flavored, as Tinkerbell found out when she surreptitiously stuck her finger into it for a taste. That’s the sort of thing that happens when you hire a bottle of toothpaste as your wedding cake baker. (SHEY)

From thenceforth, the couple lived happily ever after…until one day when a red duffle bag showed up on their front porch. (KOO)




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