Girl’s Spotlight: Annalia Fiore

Hannah Wong fast-walks down a corridor, nearly upsetting several precariously stacked novels, and halts at a door 320A. Hannah steps expectantly into the room. No one else is in there–it’s only 4:29. A minute later, Annalia Fiore arrives.

“Hello!” Annalia smiles.
“Hello.” Hannah waves. “Ready when you are.”
Annalia settles down on a chair. “Ready.”


H: “How old are you? And what grade?”
A: “I’m fifteen years old, and I’m a sophomore.”
Hannah nods. “How many years have you been with TPS?”
A: “This is my second year with TPS. My older siblings have also done TPS, though.”
H: “Ooh. How many siblings do you have?”
A: “I have five siblings and three in-laws.”
“Woah.” Hannah glances at her notes. “What classes are you taking with TPS this year?”
A: “I’m taking Russian 2, English 4/5 Honors, Pre-AP Chemistry Honors, and AP World History.”
H: “Cool! Who’s your role model and why?”
Annalia thinks. “Apart from Jesus, my mother is my role model: She’s an extraordinarily sacrificial and patient woman, and both of those qualities––sacrifice and patience––are things I do not come naturally by. She’s spent most of her life caring for others, through homeschooling six children, loving and tending my dad during heart disease, bearing with her teenage daughter [hehe], and now transitioning into becoming a doula, a birth assistant. Honestly, in a society in which we, especially woman, are told to be so obsessed with our own success, my mother’s is just really a beautiful testament to what it means to truly live for others.”
“Aww. That’s amazing!” Hannah is… speechless.
“Hm. Pick a number 1 through 5.” Hannah resumes.
“Um… 3… No, 2. Um. 4.999978?” Annalia smiles, “Ah! I’ll pick 1.2345.”
Hannah laughs. “Try an integer.”
A: “Four.”
H: “Describe yourself in 4 words.”
Annalia ponders briefly, “Intense. Energetic. Serious. Optimistic.”
H: “Ooh. What’s your favorite subject?”
A: “English.”
H: “Same!”
A: “Eyyy.”
Hannah and Annalia high-five.
“Do you know any non-English languages?” Hannah inquires.
“Nope–I think it’s really cool that some of my international friends–” Annalia breaks off to wave at the camera at any watching international friends. “–can speak multiple languages. Linguistics is my second favorite subject though. Someday I hope to be fluent in several languages.”
H: “Oh, I almost forgot: Where do you live?”
A: “I live in New York–the rural part, not the noisy part.”
H: “Nice! What are some of your hobbies?”
A: “I enjoy reading–typically classics and non-fiction–studying psychology, theology, and philosophy, exploring Russian culture, listening to music, writing, and playing piano.”
H: “Ooh! What are your favorite books?”
A: “Some of my favorites are Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.”
H: “Those are great books!” Hannah nods. “Favorite music?”
A: “I like neo-classical, folk-rock, and jazz music. And some of my favorite musicians are Philip Glass, Max Richter, Fleet Foxes, Pavel Chesnokov, and Josh Garrels.”
H: “Cool! And how long have you been doing piano?”
A: “Six years, officially.”
H: “Do you like it? What pieces are you playing?”
A: “I do like playing piano, though I’m terrible at practicing–I’m a bit of a reckless player: I choose a piece to play, learn half of it, and then give up. Right now I am playing Opening by Philip Glass and Trois Gnossien by Erik Satie.”
H: “Heh. Yeah, practicing is the hardest part of piano. I’ve definitely been guilty of that too.” Hannah laughs, “Do you have any pets?”
A: “I have one cat, Bonnie. She is a calico feline, rather fat, and quite lazy.” Annalia nods.
H: “Aww. What’s your favorite animal?”
A: “Bears… and owls… and foxes.”
Hannah laughs, “Nice.”
A: I think by now you can tell that I kind of like… everything.” Annalia smiles.
H: Hannah nods, “What are your future speculations, plans, and hopes?”
A: “Oh golly…” Annalia contemplates for a while. “Well… I have four pillars of interests: psychology or sociology or culture, linguistics, English, and philosophy. I’ll probably be majoring in something related to one or more of those pillars. Currently, I’m playing with the idea of majoring in Eastern European Studies, but that will very likely change. If I was really honest with what I dream about doing in my life, I would honestly love to be a writer for academic and intellectual journals like JSTOR, a job that would allow me to explore all of my interests and have a more flexible schedule. In the long run though, I really would like to be married and have a family: while I have interests I want to pursue and talents I want to develop, I have realized more and more that a far more meaningful life is spent caring for others, and, frankly, spending my life alone sounds super depressing.” Annalia laughs.
H: “That is… amazing!” Hannah is, again, speechless.
A: “Thanks!”
H: “What is one thing that annoys you a lot?”
A: “Patronization–it drives me to intense irrationality.”
H: “And what is one thing you love?”
A: “Vulnerability–as in honesty, transparency, and authenticity.”
Hannah nods in agreement. “What is one New Year’s Resolution you have?”
A: “To love others in the way they need to be loved.”
“Amen!” Hannah concurs. “That’s it. Thank you so much!”
A: “You’re welcome! Bye!”
H: “Bye!”


Screen fades black.


  1. Nice! I love these little encouraging interviews!

  2. Great job Hannah & Annalia! <3