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Practically Perfect

Title: Mary Poppins Returns   

Director: Rob Marshall

Year: 2018

Rating: PG 

The scene opens up with a chimney sweeper bike-riding down the London streets, turning off the lamplights on a dark evening. As he goes on his way, he sings of the “Lovely London Sky” to encourage people to relish beauty. This whimsical musical number sets the stage for the film’s vintage charm and reminiscent scenes.

In the new film, Mary Poppins Returns, the mischievous and magical Mary Poppins returns to take care of the now-grown Bates children and their family when their debt threatens to take away their beloved home. Through wise words cloaked in entertaining songs and magical trips, the Bates family learn the importance of love, change, and joy. In the end, Mary Poppins Returns reminds the audience to enjoy the little things in life and that the door of wonder opens to all if we choose to believe. 

Mary Poppins Returns boasts a wide range of highly talented actors and actresses. Although not the esteemed Dick Van Dyke, Lin Manuel Miranda brings to life the humble cockney lamplighter. And Emily Blunt provides a stunning performance of Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins. Though not a remake of the original, Mary Poppins Returns does retain many similar characteristics such as a magical trip in the bathtub, a dance number by penguins, and a menacing villain while still introducing new plot twists, songs, and characters.



Although a Julie Andrews cameo would have been much appreciated, on the whole, Mary Poppins Returns is another timeless classic for the family that is “practically perfect in every way”.


  1. I love this movie soooo much!!! Great job writing too!!