Meet Mrs. Bush: Your One-Stop Ticket To SAT and ACT Success!

Many of us TPSers will take the SAT or ACT before graduation. Before you do, though, you would do well to take Mrs. Vanessa Bush’s SAT and ACT Preparation classes. In them, she gives lots of very helpful advice for how to survive, and even do well on, the infamous test. Aside from being incredibly gifted at teaching and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of these crucial tests, Mrs. Bush has an interesting story to tell.

She grew up in the tiny town of Umatilla, Florida, where her family raised chickens and cows “before it was cool”. Even though she was raised in a Christian home, Mrs. Bush points to her college years as the time she truly made her faith her own for the first time. She graduated from the University of Florida with an English major. With her English major, she taught high-school level English in public schools first in Florida and then in Georgia. Today, she plants churches with her husband and three children while teaching for TPS in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When she isn’t teaching or spending time with her husband and children, she loves to write. She runs a blog for moms in her area.

Within TPS, Mrs. Bush has made amazing contributions to the SAT and ACT preparation classes. When asked what general advice she had for students in the midst of preparing for these tests, she emphasized that the score you get on this test does not define you. We are children of God first and foremost. This is not to say you should not care about the test or prepare diligently for it. It just means that the score you get is not the end of the world. This is true even for those who aren’t taking the test for another couple of years.

Homeschoolers in general are extremely self-motivated. We want to get the good grades and do the good work. It is at this time in the school year that this is the hardest. Mrs. Bush and all of us here at clay would like to remind you to be easy on yourselves. We can do this. After all, there are only 13 weeks left of classes! Not that anyone’s counting.

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