How to Take a TPS Test

A few months ago, I taught you guys how to study. Now that you have developed these habits and have without a doubt been studying amazingly since, you’re ready for THE NEXT LEVEL of testing. Here are some tips and tricks to power through your test to get perfect scores:


Take it on time.

It’s important to study, but make sure you take the test too late. Usually, I’d recommend taking it right before it’s due, literally the exact time period you have before class. That way, you will remember what was studied last week very well and your hard, hard work will start to show.


Be sure to open the test and go blank.

There are two methods for timing: the first is to go through the questions, answering the easy ones first, then spending more time on the harder ones. But what’s the fun in that? My personal favorite method is to open the test and completely forget anything I’m about to do. Sit there for 2/3rds of the test staring at the first question, and then begin to rush and go through random answers that you studied so hard for.


Re-check questions.

There are 2 routes you can go for tests. The first is to completely blow through the test questions and just trust your first instinct. You’ll have extra time and definitely didn’t make any dumb mistakes when you went through. The second thing to do is to agonize over the simplest of questions. Does 2+2=4? A lot of students love this method, but I’m not so sure that I’m a fan since you’re usually wrong on an obvious answer. Of course 2+2=5. It was in the study guide!


A word on multiple choice tests.

Always choose “All of the above.” Some teachers may think they’re being sneaky putting in a clearly wrong answer, but we know better! Why else would there be an “all of the above” answer if it would be wrong?


A word on essay tests.
Make sure to answer the question however you want to! Teachers love to see creativity and independence, so be sure to answer your essay questions in doodles or use the alien alphabet.


Now that you’re completely ready, go out and get good grades young testawans!


  1. this hit too close to home for comfort

  2. Honestly, tests were made to be taken this way! Amiright??!!

  3. This is great advice. But you forgot that we have to choose the longest answers each time. *nods*

  4. You know, I’m not the best at taking tests, but this rlly helps. also, tbh you got me there, I actually did think 2+2=4… for a moment…. 😐

  5. XD I love this so much it’s so sarcastic.

  6. Ha ha ha this is so funny! I wish I could actually take a test like this and get a good grade!

  7. Thanks for the tips!! I’ll be sure to use them for my next test. I’ve been lied to my WHOLE life!!! I always thought 2+2=4!! Thank you for correcting me! 😛