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Extremify Your Winter

For many, winter is a time to be cozy inside. For many athletes, however, it is paralyzing to know that you have at least 4 more months before you’re not frigid and unable to play your favorite sport. The answer to this dilemma is snow sports—skiing, snowboarding and, my personal favorite, speed-riding.
For most of us, except for those who want it to be called “snow-skiing”, skiers and snowboarders are not uncommon to hear about or see. Your youth group may plan a ski trip or something similar. Skiing and snowboarding are extreme sports, yet due to their commonality and popularity, they are not typically classified that way. However, they are definitely categorized that way because of the risk and danger involved.
Skiing, is probably the most common of the three because it is relatively easy and is a great group activity. However, for many, myself included, it would take a lot of money and time to reach an average level. While this is true for pretty much everything in life, many simply do not have the time. Nevertheless, skiing is a fantastic activity for families or groups looking to have lots of fun while still feeling accomplished. To summarize, skiing is the easiest to learn and is nearly always a great “first-time” event.
Snowboarding is incredibly different from skiing because the movement is much different because it is not as forgiving or versatile. Snowboarding is like skateboarding and surfing in that you stand in a sideways  stance—therefore being very unnatural for many who haven’t participated in a similar sport. It is difficult to grasp the turning and stopping of a snowboard—an element that is not there in skiing. Furthermore, since snowboarders do not have poles like skiers, if you run out of momentum on a snowboard, you have to unclip your bindings and walk to where the downward slope starts again.
Speed-riding is a combination of skiing and paragliding, insanity and creativity. Most people will never get to, or ever perhaps want to, try this sport. Basically, a skier has a parachute on, and skis off cliffs or down slopes that would otherwise be too steep to descend normally, this combination of flying and skiing is pretty amazing to watch.
With the onset of a stifling winter, go out and try one of these! If any of you try speed-riding PLEASE let me know!


  1. I love how you love (and love to write about) all the most extreme and unheard-of sports! Thanks for your contributions, Charlie! Keep it up =D

  2. Corrie Anna Campbell

    Sadly, Charlie, I have never done speed-riding. But I live in Colorado, so I have skied quite a bit. Nice job on your article!